Joe and CHINA Cozy Up Next to the Dumpster Fire as They Decide on Marriage Plans

Only hours after assuming the post of appointed Governor for Central North America, as a local administrator of the New World Order global government, Joe Biden started to cozy up relations with China. They’re holding political hands around the dumpster fire of Covid-19 and technical espionage, while they make their wedding plans to unite in open borders harmony.

Thawing relations with China

The communist utopia of post-Constitutional Open Societies started with a rapidly deleted Tweet. “Good Riddance,” the Chinese Communist Party posted at Donald Trump.

“Go away and take your sanctions with you,” Beijing implied. As reported by Democrat controlled NBC, “within hours of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, his foreign policy team began wrangling with one of the administration’s biggest challenges: China.”


When Governor Biden heard that Xi Jinping decided to slap sanctions on a whole herd of deplorable outgoing Trump officials including Mike Pompeo, Peter Navarro and Alex Azar, Joe was quick to quip “aw c’mon man.”

That’s just “unproductive and cynical.” All China has to do is start paying Hunter Biden’s crack bill again, with enough left over for Joe to get his cut, and everything will be right back to the way they were  before, under the Kenyan.

“Imposing these sanctions on Inauguration Day is seemingly an attempt to play to partisan divides,” declared non-gender National Security Council spokesunit Emily Horne.


China wants to “work together” to “defeat evil forces” like those deplorable radicals who like to question official orders from the guys with the guns.

One big happy commune

China is still steaming over what Donald Trump and his darn America First nationalism did to them. Not only did he blame the whole Covid-19 pandemic on Wuhan, he dared to criticize Beijing for the way they treat their protesters in Hong Kong and a little harmless genocide of the “Uighur Muslim minority.”

There aren’t many of them, so who would miss them, they assert. Then there are the back doors that they inserted into half the computer chips they ship out. That won’t matter now that we’re all one big happy global commune.

On Wednesday, the CCP’s official media outlet, Xinhua News, posted on social media, “Good Riddance Donald Trump.” In it they accused the final American President of “ignorance” and “prejudice” to daring to stand up to the whims of Emperor Xi.

China was certain they could get away with it because that’s a “position largely shared by Democrat party officials and commentators.” Twitter got hammered over it, but they weren’t the ones who took the post down. Xinhua did it on their own following the backlash.

Beijing made it clear that they expect Biden to “return to Obama-era bilateral relations.” It’s crystal clear to their branch of the global communist party that “The new U.S. government should conform to the aspirations of the people and be able to view China rationally and objectively.”

Of course, “Biden must roll-back trade and investment restrictions imposed by President Trump as well as reopen mutual investment and exchange of technology.” They need to get those spy drones back in the air. America is going to need them to round up all the conservatives.

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