Biden Administration Reportedly VIOLATING Pact

Most Americans never heard of the Flores agreement but His Wisdom Joe Biden ordered emergency shelters which “are a violation of that pact,” attorney Peter Schey insists, because “they are not licensed.” A decades-old agreement which spells out “the conditions for holding migrant kids” called the Flores settlement has created its very own niche of immigration law practice. Schey is one of the lawyers who exclusively processes “Flores” claims through his nonprofit “Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law.”

Imperial Leader Biden decrees

His Wisdom, Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., has decreed that nobody, not even liberal activists, can question the palace decisions. Peter Schey doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. He’s not going to do anything about the nasty palace scandal because the palace intimidated him into silence.

His team, he reports, “has been warned against pursuing the case in court.” It could get ugly. “If we put too much pressure on the administration for its violations of the Flores settlement and its unnecessary detention of these children, it could easily respond.”


Schey isn’t the only progressive activist afraid to kick over that beehive. The “suggestion has been made to us that” the Imperial Palace may respond “by simply changing part of its policy.” If liberals want to get cute and question Imperial authority now, Biden might decide to “stop allowing children older than 14 into the country, and remove 15-, 16- and 17-year-olds.”

That’s the last thing Schey wants to see because those are his bread-and-butter clients. “We do not want to be responsible for that. As bad as the conditions may be for these children in stadiums and in convention centers, they are an improvement over being forced to live on the streets in some border town where children are subject to extortion, to rape, to crime, etcetera.”


Open borders liberals were falling all over themselves to pat Joe Biden and Palace Administrators on the back for “acting quickly.” Orphaned illegals were removed from the “jail-like detention facilities on the U.S. southern border” by the “tens of thousands.” Straight into “safer” emergency shelters.

Then liberals got a good look at those shelters and freaked out. “We saw a lot of very traumatized children,” National Center for Youth Law attorney Leecia Welch whines. She’s traumatized herself after seeing “the conditions in the mass shelters, such as a military base in El Paso, Texas.”

Thoughts of self-harm

Welch toured the tent shelters at Fort Bliss. “The girls told us that a lot of the girls in the tent were crying a lot and they needed to talk to someone because they were having thoughts of self-harm.” Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace are currently hosting around “20,000 migrant children who came to the United States without their parents” at Joe’s invitation.

The Department of Health and Human Services decided to stash them in places like “a convention center in Dallas, a coliseum in San Antonio and a former oil field in Midland, Texas.”


Imperial Leader Biden says “Cmon man,” deplorable former President Donald Trump gutted resources for unaccompanied migrant children, so they’re stuck with the stadium-style sleeping arrangements. One senior Palace official suggests Americans should look on the bright side, “the average stay at the shelters has dropped from 45 days to about 30,” and “they have high standards for child care.”

That may be the average, but some kids end up staying longer simply because there are so many of them. There “are not enough caseworkers working on finding families and vetting sponsors.” For instance, 16-year-old Lidia Cuyuch Brito is here from Guatemala and has been in custody a full 70 days and counting.

Some of that was in Texas but now she’s in Pennsylvania. Lidia has a sister, but not in Pennsylvania. Juana, age 32, Lives in Iowa City, Iowa. Juana Cuyuch Brito has “repeatedly sent paperwork seeking to take custody but has gotten little information in response.”

She has no idea what’s happening with Lidia other than “her sister is lonely and confused about why other children have been able to leave, but she hasn’t.” Clara Long of Human Rights Watch was glad to see “kids get out of border facilities” but has “become alarmed.” The Biden focus, she argues, on large “converted warehouse type facilities” is nothing but a “mass detention of kids and that’s definitely not where we should be ending up.”

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