Republicans Give Dems Stark Warning, Make Bold Promise to Americans

Republicans are giving Democrats a warning so stark it’s basically an ultimatum, along with a bold promise to Americans. They can try and raise taxes if they want but even if they manage to pull it off, they’ll go back down again as soon as the conservatives regain power.

Republicans draw the line

Those who follow the antics that go on inside the Washington D.C. beltway are calling it a warning but it’s more of a promise. Republicans are telling Democrats clearly and patiently, “don’t do it.” Conservatives can fix it later if they have to but raising taxes now is the biggest political mistake liberals can make.

By embracing the model of Venezuelan Socialism, we’ll have such great Democrat safety net programs as raising hamsters at home for food. That’s what comes next, after the zoo animals and pets are consumed.


You can do it, Republicans note, but the revolution will be swift and “we’ll just cut them back when we regain power,” they promise. Imperial Leader Joe Biden is kicking around the idea of funding his pipe dream programs with heavy taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

His huge infrastructure package has a lot of pork rolled in with the real needs. He has the option of trimming the fat and coming up with a package that won’t raise taxes, pleasing the right, but he won’t. Instead, he’ll add more pork to make his scheme so popular with the masses they’ll force it to get passed. Along with a crippling tax burden to fund it.

The average person on the street only cares about the taxes that come out of their weekly paycheck. Taxes on corporations have as much impact on their life, they think, as a snowflake landing on Everest. They’re wrong. Republicans know that high taxes cripple an economy. There won’t be any money to tax, leaving nothing but unfunded mandates. As businesses leave the country for better tax climates, the jobs go with them.


Soon nobody has any money for the few remaining items left on the shelves. Ayn Rand made it crystal clear in Atlas Shrugged that when socialists try to level the playing field by looting and mooching from the producers, the producers go on strike and it all levels out at zero. Game over, everyone dies.

Showdown either way

No matter which way His Wisdom chooses to go, a showdown over taxes is inevitable. Biden prioritizes things like clean energy and “money to care for children and the elderly,” and Republicans get stuck in the role of the practical parent asking “so how do you pay for it,” knowing the budget allowance isn’t even enough for a down payment.

The way Republican North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis explains it, “there’s no doubt in my mind that anybody running next year should be talking about reversing what I think are going to be tax increases at the worst possible time.” He’s convinced that “raising taxes on corporations and capital gains would harm the economy.”

You can’t spend what you don’t have for very long. You can do it but that’s how economies collapse. “The numbers don’t work,” Tillis declares. You can’t have lobster when there’s only enough in the account to pay for ramen noodles.

Rand Paul of Kentucky sees the writing on the wall. He says Joe Biden must have found some of Kamala’s stash. There isn’t a single conservative who will vote for new taxes. “We don’t like the taxes,” he warns. If the Democrats manage to shove them down everyone’s throat anyway, Republicans have an answer.

Democrats know that the only hope they have of defeating conservatives on the issue is to make the “higher taxes so popular that Republicans would fear a backlash if they cut them in the future.”

They think they know how to do it. “At a time of again massive income and wealth inequality, it is appropriate that the rich start paying their fair share,” card carrying Socialist Bernie Sanders points out. “That can raise the revenue that we need to fund programs that working families desperately need.”

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