William Barr Exposed by Bombshell Report!

As reported by WorldTribune, via The Gateway Pundit, then-Attorney General William Barr officially “ordered the U.S. Attorney in Eastern Pennsylvania to stop investigating reports of approximately 288,000 ballots entering Pennsylvania on a semi-trailer from New York.” The ballots were related to the 2020 presidential election. It looks more like a smear job against the conservative former AG than solid scandal.

Barr gave the order

William Barr is a likable and generally reasonable man but he hasn’t always been on the popular side of the important decisions, conservatives note. As we’re beginning to fully realize with Merrick Garland in charge, the Attorney General really does run the country. Their quiet decisions affect the outcome of history and they’re accountable to nobody but themselves.

Ever since J. Edgar Hoover came on the scene, the rats have been guarding the cheese. It looks like Democrats might be trying to smear some of the mud around to make it look less bad for them. At the very least, it’s a classic case of “divide and conquer,” pitting deplorable Trump supporters against a conservative former AG who happens to have a mind of his own.

As reported, all election related issues for the state of Pennsylvania in 2020 “were blocked by Barr.” He went beyond that to order “investigators to turn any issues over to the Democrat Pennsylvania attorney general.” That may have been his only legal option.

The particular issues might have been the jurisdiction of the state. He might have crossed a line, though, by also blocking “investigators from granting the truck driver, Jesse Morgan, whistleblower status.” That remains to be seen.

At the time the order was handed down, William McSwain, who was U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania at the time, didn’t like it. Barr, he snubs, “instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities. I disagreed with that decision, but those were my orders.

There again, that may have been the proper decision and we have to give the former AG some benefit of the doubt. If it’s not his case he should keep his mouth shut to avoid jeopardizing the state level one.

Alt-right clickbait

In an interview dated March 31, a retired intelligence officer, Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, told Gateway Pundit that “his team of investigators had fully vetted Morgan and decided to move forward with the story of the ballots being transported from New York to Pennsylvania.” He’s a civilian blogger now, well known for 911 conspiracy theories.

Shaffer “said he contacted his friends in law enforcement to get them on board with further investigating the matter.” That would be reasonable. He wasn’t prepared for the response. “When Barr heard the news he called Tony, screamed at him, and told Tony to stop his investigation.

As alleged, “Barr claimed it interfered with an FBI investigation.” The tinfoil hat alt-right clickbait farm Gateway Pundit exclaims “Tony was shortly thereafter removed from the investigation.” Any investigation he was removed from would have been his own, he wasn’t investigating anything at all officially.

This seems to be shaping up into one of those planted propaganda pieces created by the FBI and dropped into a chat room by “Q.” By now everyone knows that Q-anon is the Federal Bureau of Instigation in Guy Fawkes masks.

Pressed for details, Shaffer added he had “contacted his mentor and former Attorney General under President Reagan, Ed Meese about the trucker’s story. Meese then contacted Barr.” That’s how it works in Washington. “All the sudden I get a call from a 202 number. ‘Hey Tony this is Bill Barr, what’s going on?‘ And I go through and explain what we just talked about. And he says, ‘You need to stop. You are interfering with my investigation.” That’s right. Leave it to the pros.

Barr wondered where the witness was. When told they had him stashed in a safe house, the AG ordered, “You will stop now, you will turn him over to us immediately. You are now interfering in an FBI investigation.” He got a 20 minute lecture on how the rats had to investigate anything involving the cheese. If it was wrong then, it’s equally wrong now and Merrick Garland isn’t nearly as trustworthy as William Barr.

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