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State Department Thumbs Nose At Congressional Subpoena

Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the State Department fails again. Blinkin is refusing to turn over to Congress a 2021 memo that had warned the Biden administration that its Afghanistan withdrawal would devolve into an absolute nightmare.

However, Blinken’s ignoring the congressional timeline to release the memo will reportedly not go unpunished.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a classified memo was sent on July 13, 2021, to Blinken and Director of Policy Planning Salman Ahmed ahead of the United States Aug. 31, 2021, troop withdrawal deadline. The memo warned that the Afghan government was at risk of collapse and that the Taliban’s advance was imminent should the US withdraw.

The memo indicated that the Afghan security forces would be crushed and the Taliban would enjoy rapid territorial gains. It also asked that the State Department stop using sanitized language to describe the horrific atrocities being committed by the terrorist organization.

Before the withdrawal, President Joe Biden claimed that a Taliban takeover and the Afgan governmental collapse were “highly unlikely.”

The Foreign Affairs Committee is now investigating the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal. The Committee subpoenaed the State Department on March 28, seeking a copy of the memo by April 4.

The State Department missed the first and a second deadlines, violating the congressional subpoena.

Blinken and the Biden State Department ultimately determined that the elected representatives of the American people are allowed to see summaries of the memo but not the real thing.

Having found these summaries “insufficient to satisfy the committee’s subpoena” and noting that the “Department is now in violation of its legal obligation,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) stressed in a May 5 letter to Blinken that the subpoena “compels you to produce in unredacted form ‘the Dissent Channel cable” and “must be complied with immediately.”

“Should you fail to comply, the Committee is prepared to take the necessary steps to enforce its subpoena, including holding you in contempt of Congress and/or initiating a civil enforcement proceeding,” McCaul warned.

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