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Adam Schiff Officially CHARGED… It’s Happening

I have to tell you folks, Adam Schiff is one of those people that just cannot seem to help himself when it comes to doing things the wrong way.

I mean there are some politicians that I do not agree with but at least they do things the right way. Adam Schiff is the type of politician that does things in a manner that makes you wonder if he even held onto the handbook long enough to even know which rules he is breaking.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is only a few days into his Senate campaign and he is already running into problems.

Schiff used some footage from the Trump impeachment in his ad.

According to The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), that is an ethics violation.

Bad Adam

Kendra Arnold, executive director of FACT, stated, “This is a clear violation of House ethics rules and federal law.

“Rep. Schiff has been in Congress for over two decades and undoubtedly knows that official government resources cannot be used for political purposes.

“Rep. Schiff must immediately take down the video and cease distribution of the footage, and the Office of Congressional Ethics should move swiftly to investigate and sanction Rep. Schiff for this breach.”

House and Senate floor videos are not permitted, by law, to be used in campaign videos.

Per a 2017 House Ethics Committee report, “Members may not re-use an image of a floor proceeding published by a third-party, if the member could not use that image in the first instance.”

Schiff’s defense is that a third-party group video was used, so this is legal (Schiff’s video was from NBC News), but that is really semantics here.

Source: Fox News

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