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Clinton Crony John Podesta is Taking Over Kerry’s Negotiations

The New World Order is thrilled to hear that John Podesta will be taking over for John Kerry, who’s lurching over to the Biden campaign. Nobody is really sure exactly what our alleged “climate envoy” has been doing, other than going to dinner parties with members of the World Economic Forum and global government officials in Brussels. It looks like the Deep State found a perfect replacement.

Podesta in for Kerry

White House adviser John Podesta “has been tapped to be the Biden administration’s top climate diplomat once John Kerry steps down from that post this spring.” That’s a scary thought, conservatives say, but “news of the decision earned praise from Biden’s environmental allies.” That’s even worse.

Kerry has an office with a huge staff in the State Department and still gives orders to Blinky Blinken. For most of the time he’s been on the job, he’s been jetting off to the carbon slashing conferences in his wife’s private plane.

You may remember John Podesta from his days of following Hillary Clinton around and working tirelessly to fulfill her every political whim and desire. His brother, Tony, was supposedly helping Huma Abedin take care of Hillary’s personal needs, while Bill was otherwise occupied stuffing his cigar into interns.

Right now, Kerry’s replacement is working behind the scenes as one of Joe’s handlers, “currently overseeing the implementation of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, the Democrats’ signature climate law.

Wait, did Politico just call the effort to reduce economic “inflation” a “climate” law? What does money have to do with the weather?

Even worse, it’s the “signature” climate law. What exactly does that mean? Conservatives are convinced that once we learn the answer to that we’re definitely not going to like it.


A political operative

Because John Podesta is a political operative with no legitimate ties to the State Department, they’re giving him his own office in the West Wing.

It’s not clear if Kerry is going to keep his office in the State Department or move over to the White House, for easier access to Joe’s lawyers.

Podesta, officials leak, “will also maintain his role overseeing the IRA rollout.” God help us all.

Democrats admit that he served as “a chief go-between” between Barack Obama and the Chinese. He established his climate change credentials all the way back in 2014.

In a surprise move, Podesta talked the Pooh Bear into a commitment. One aimed at “reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” It was such a big deal that it “built momentum for the Paris climate agreement a year later.

Podesta doesn’t seem to mind that for the entire ten year span since then, China has been the world’s worst polluter. They simply pay cash for the “carbon tax credits” produced by green dream communities like California. They intend to keep their title as world’s top emitter of carbon and don’t really care what we have to say about it.

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