Whoa…Entire Democratic Team Stepping Down

Things got really freaky in Nevada over the weekend, a lot freakier than they usually do. The leadership team of the state’s Democrat Party had a proletariat revolution. The Harry Reid faction was way too conservative for modern progressives, so they installed a rabidly Socialist slate of leaders across the board. That prompted the traditionalist Democrats on the staff to throw in the towel and walk out the door.

So much for team unity

Democrats got a taste of their own “our way or the highway” form of “unity.” Traditionalist Democrats on the middle-left were iced out by the younger, hipper, far-left radicals who love Bernie Sanders so much.

Rather then putting aside their differences and working with the communists in charge, the rank-and-file Democrat staffers resigned en mass. The whole team quit at once. The Democrat bigwigs at the national level saw the writing on the wall ahead of time, so they cleaned out the bank accounts just before the party election. Judith Whitmer is in charge as Party Chair.


along with the “mass exodus” of party staffers, the traditionalist Democrats funneled “hundreds of thousands of dollars out of party coffers in anticipation of the results.” That’s reported by the far-left leaning outlet, the Intercept. The battle has been brewing for years.

Nevada politics is clearly a team sport. This weekend’s election outcome is described as “the culmination of a years-long battle between the insurgent progressive wing of the party and what’s known in Nevada as the Reid machine.”

Before he was brutally attacked and blinded in one eye, allegedly by an exercise band, the former Senate Majority leader ran a “tightly run operation.” It turns out that Bernie Sanders and his team can run a well oiled machine too.


Bernie gloated that he had a crystal ball when he predicted, “if we build a political movement that speaks to working people, we will continue to build on our political success in Nevada.”

Taking over Las Vegas

Bernie Sanders started making his move during the 2016 race while Hillary Clinton was stealing the Democrat Primary nomination right out from under him. Reid was working real hard to help Hillary and that cheesed Sanders off.

Rumors he sent him the Theraband have been debunked. Instead, he sent his hit team of young radical communists. They like to be called the Democratic Socialists of America. “Over the next four years, outside organizations like DSA exploded in size and strength.”

The Sanders team of socialists came to the conclusion that Latino voters weren’t getting enough respect so they “focused on organizing tens of thousands of young Latino voters in the state.” It worked.

“After investing heavily in Nevada, Sanders won a commanding victory in the Nevada caucuses.” His local community organizers had been so successful they were stoked “to take their project to the next level.”

The relentless grassroots organizing paid off when the woman who was Sanders “delegate,” Judith Whitmer, was elected this weekend as leader of the Nevada Democratic Party. Bernie Bro Jacob Allen took first vice chair and rabid Socialist Dr. Zaffar Iqbal takes second vice chair.

The socialists rounded off the entire office team with Ahmad Adé landing party secretary, and Howard Beckerman treasurer. As soon as the results were official, Alana Mounce, executive director of the Nevada Democratic Party, sent Whitmer an email with her resignation and also informing that “everyone on the small staff had resigned, including the party operations director, communications director, research director, and finance director.” So much for unity.

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