Biden Reveals He Has No Clue What is Going On

As the nation was unsettled and alarmed by the blatant political persecution of legendary New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, of late President Trump’s personal attorney the Biden-Harris regime immediately began to distance themselves frantically from the bold-faced authoritarian display. And Biden feigns he didn’t have a clue. In an interview with NBC’s Today on Thursday Biden vehemently denied any fore-knowledge of the DoJ’s actions against Giuliani, throwing shade at the Trump administration in the process.

He told MSNBC‘s Craig Melvin, when asked if he was aware of the raid beforehand, “I give you my word. I was not.”

“I made a pledge I would not interfere in any way, order, or try to stop any investigation the Justice Department had underway. I learned about that last night when the rest of the world learned about it — my word. I had no idea this was underway,” Biden added.

Biden seemed to grow more agitated as the interview went on Melvin continued asking if he had been briefed on any other investigations.

“No, and I’m not asking to be briefed,” Biden responded, repeating plaintively “I’m not asking to briefed.”

It was at this point Biden metaphorically pulled out the dagger and went to work on President Trump,

“That’s the Justice Department’s independent judgement. This last administration politicized the department so badly that many of them quit, so many left. It’s not the role of the president to say who should be prosecuted, when they should be prosecuted, who should be not prosecuted. The Justice Department is the people’s lawyer, not the president’s lawyer,”

However, Biden’s words here are hardly absolute though. As written in the Fordham Legal review, By Bruce A. Green and Rebecca Roiphe

“In Morrison v. Olson, which upheld the federal independent counsel law that was later allowed to sunset, the late Justice Antonin Scalia argued in dissent that the Constitution vests executive power in the president and that “[g]overnmental investigation and prosecution of crime  is a quintessentially executive function.” Many prominent constitutional scholars agree with Justice Scalia that the independent counsel law violated constitutional separation-of-powers principles, and although they do not necessarily proceed from the premise that the president has plenary constitutional authority over individual federal criminal prosecutions, some probably do.”

Without exaggeration, Justice Antonin Scalia was considered, even before his death as one of the most learned Constitutional Scholars in American History other than the framers themselves. And even Justice Scalia felt the powers of investigation and prosecution to be a “quintessentially executive function.” thus falling firmly under the President’s purview.

Biden Doesn’t Even Understand The ROLE of The President

If Biden is telling the truth in this matter (and that is one HELL of an if), his ignorance is likely deliberate and out of a patently incorrect vision of the Constitutional role of the President of the United States. Which to say is pretty sad for a man who spent the entirety of his adult life in government to have an understanding of the Constitution that is deficient next to his predeccessor who never held any elected office prior to his presidential term.

Green & Roiphe continued exploring Justice Scalia’s opinion for the Fordham Law Review,

“Justice Scalia thought overseeing criminal cases was an essential executive function because both investigation and prosecution call for the exercise of prosecutorial discretion, which necessitates “balancing . . . various legal, practical, and [nonpartisan] political considerations.” He described two criminal cases that, in his view, illustrated why the Constitution allows the president sole power to exercise prosecutorial discretion. Both implicated foreign policy—the first involved subpoenaing a former public official of a neighboring country, and the other involved a prosecution that would necessitate disclosing “national security information.”

It is the WILLFUL lack of oversight the DoJ enjoyed under several Democrat administrations and even during the Bush years that brought the Deep State to where it stands today. Try as he did to weaken it’s hold President Trump simply couldn’t work fast enough to counteract a solid forty-plus years of so-called “Judicial Independence”.

The fatal flaw is that the enformcement of law and the investigation of crime are inherently different and almost advesarial in nature. Prosecutors are not and should not be considered judicial officials, they function within the court but are not OF the court. Over time their ability to function with “independence” has only resulted in an ability to function without consequences or meaningful accountability.

Biden Had Far More Than a Clue- He Knew

Since their views over the years have come to line up with the Democrats’ that’s all very well and fine for them and Biden is satisfied to claim plausbile deniability. All while the Attorney Generals and US Attorneys carry out his bidding with only his imlicit not explicit knowledge or direction. It really is a very convenient arrangement, the Biden-Harris regime gets everything they want… but none of the blame for it.

Biden likely didn’t know the Giuliani raid was going to happen until it did. But none the less he absolutely KNEW it was going to happen at some point. He simply didn’t need to concern himself with the details, he has Merrick Garland for that.

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