Dr. Fauci DEBUNKED… We Have Him Dead to Rights!

Let’s talk about Dr. Anthony Fauci for a few minutes.

The good doctor was once one of the most respected names in virology, but that has long since ceased being the case.

His constant flip-flopping, which he regularly denies, has ruined his credibility.

Now we have him on tape, and there is no denying the fact this man is an outright liar.

The Receipts

During the Trump administration, Fauci bragged that he had input on the recommendation to shut the entire country down.

This was well known, but he recently denied it.

Here are both exchanges proving that this man is a liar…

We can add that to the stack of evidence that Senator Rand Paul will be using against him when Republicans take back Congress.

Paul has been challenging Fauci from the outset, now energized by a startling confession from Trump-era COVID adviser Dr. Deborah Birx.

Birx recently stated that they all knew the vaccines would not stop the spread of the virus, literally saying that they “overplayed” the vaccine.

Trust me, Rand Paul is licking his chops right now to get Fauci in the hot seat of a Republican-chaired committee.

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