FL Governor Re-Establishing “Florida State Defense Force” Which the Feds Won’t control, Can’t Touch

Out of more than $100 million for state National Guard, active-duty military and veterans, Ron DeSantis decided to “re-establish the Florida State Guard to assist our National Guard in state-specific emergencies.” He’s at it again. Democrats are screaming in horror, from news which the Republican Governor broke violently over liberal heads. The mothballed force will be reactivated to “assist local law enforcement in situations that are prevented by the federal government.”

Return of private Florida army

The governor’s office quickly released a follow-up statement noting the program budget funds proposals to support the state’s National Guard and also “establish the Florida State Guard, a civilian volunteer force that will assist the National Guard in state-specific emergencies.”

That lets military-trained forces “respond and assist in matters only within the state.” The difference is that state’s branch of the National Guard “can be deployed to other areas of the world to assist in military operations.” With Joe Biden calling the shots, they could be off in Taiwan when DeSantis needs them at home.

First responders are the ones who appreciate the new forces the most. “The establishment of the Florida State Guard will further support” emergency efforts like “hurricane, natural disasters, and other state emergencies.”

DeSantis earmarked $3.5 million of the budget to re-activate the Franklin D. Roosevelt era measure, originally thought up by Democrats.

Having dedicated Florida forces “will enable civilians to be trained in the best emergency response techniques.” They’ll soon be the “23rd state with a state guard recognized by the federal government.”

Just because there are others out there doesn’t mean liberals aren’t whining about it. One progressive in Texas noted that the “Texas State Guard isn’t an armed force and doesn’t have any law enforcement authority.” Well too bad for them, then.

When the situation warrants

Hayley Miller asked “if that would be the case for the Florida State Guard.” It cheesed her off when they said “maybe.” These “troops do not carry weapons for every activation but they have the necessary training and authorization, and they can be armed when the situation warrants this.”

At least that’s the gist of it, a few words were trimmed out in her sloppy screenshot. Conservatives are thrilled with the plan because of how a force of vigilant civilians “can respond to any situation and are forced to stay within the State.”

Liberals don’t like when folks ask them when they plan to dismantle the state level vigilante forces in New York or California? “What concern has anyone on either side of the aisle shown about the creation of a state guard before now?” That doesn’t stop them from “calling foul and likening the Governor’s move to creating a special police force that would only be under his control.”

Even a former Florida governor came unwound. Democrat Charlie Crist tweeted “No Governor should have his own handpicked secret police.” Tell that to Barack Obama and his plumbers in the Department of Injustice and Federal Bureau of Instigation. Carter Page has a thing or two to say about handpicked secret police.

Democrat State Senator Annette Taddeo has fantasies about becoming the next governess of Florida. She compared DeSantis to communist dictator Fidel Castro, someone not popular with Cuban voters in the state. “[DeSantis is a] wannabe dictator trying to make his move for his own vigilante militia like we’ve seen in Cuba.”

The voters aren’t buying it. Cubans love DeSantis almost as much as they love Donald Trump. If anyone is acting like a dictator, it’s Imperial Leader Joe Biden. “Let’s Go Brandon,” they’re chanting in Miami.

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