What This California Representative Just Told Joe and Kamala is Exactly RIGHT

Young Kim told Joe and Kamala to “get your butts out there and see it for yourselves.” They can bury “the administration’s collective heads in the sand” but that only makes it worse. Faux News got friendly with the California Republican Representative on Sunday. She slammed Imperial Leader Biden and Palace administrators for refusing to deal with the border invasion crisis.

Joe Biden has a problem

Ms. Kim has made the pilgrimage herself. “I have gone down to the border in Texas,” she relates. She also toured the California-Mexico border. “What I have seen is definitely the security crisis.” Sure, there’s a humanitarian crisis too and both are bad.

Yet, she insists, His Wisdom Joe Biden “refuses to see it for what it is.” The Border Patrol has started calling themselves “welcoming” agents. They feel like greeters at Walmart, it’s no wonder they’re quitting in herds.


She knows Joe will never leave the the comfort of the throne room, besides, he has stacks of Imperial Decrees to sign into new laws by the dozen. Kamala, though, is missing in action.

She needs to put down the bong and see the mess liberals have created. She urges palace officials and Vice Empress Kamala Harris to “get down to the border to see for themselves, and maybe they (will) change their mind.” It’s not likely.

With illegal aliens strolling across the border unchecked, the whole southern frontier is defenseless, she maintains. “Drug cartels are the only ones that are benefiting from this border crisis,” Kim scolds.


Joe knows all about it and his handlers tell him to relax and enjoy it. “It is hurting Americans. It is undermining legal immigration. And it is draining the resources from the Border Patrol agents.” Borders? What borders? Welcome to the New World Order of globalism and unified government.

Serving as caretakers

What Customs and Border Protection agents should be doing is patrolling the borders, but they aren’t. They are acting as a taxi service to get illegals to the processing center, then acting as babysitters for all the orphaned children and travel agents for the adults.

“Right now all of the illegal activities are slipping through because our border patrol agents are now serving the role of caretakers.” Joe Biden refuses to see it.

If Joe and Kamala were serious about properly running America, Rep. Kim has a strong suggestion. “I really encourage them to get down there, get your butts out there and see it for yourselves what I’m seeing.” She’s emotionally ripped to shreds, she insists.

“It is breaking my heart. I see so many mothers with young children because they are getting a mixed signal that when you come across the border illegally, one way or another you will be taken care of. Wrong, wrong.”

The last thing Joe and Kamala want to hear is the thing the lawmaker said next. “We need to reinstate the policies that have worked during the previous administration and really, I really encourage them to get down there and let’s fix the problem.” What the palace has been doing is only “contributing to this crisis and hurting Americans.”

It’s a slap in the face to those who stood in line and did it right. As an immigrant from South Korea, she knows. She understands firsthand how “immigration transforms lives and makes the nation stronger. However, the Biden administration’s “border policies are undermining the legal immigrants who have waited their turn in line for years.”

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