destruction of feminine beauty

The Left’s Destruction of Feminine Beauty

The left’s obsession with removing beauty from the world continues. From the hideousness of modern art and architecture, to the destruction of the idea of feminine beauty, it seems that their goal is to make the whole world uglier.

Campaign Against Feminine Beauty

Whether it is because they dislike their own appearance and they don’t want other women to be beautiful, or because they’re just filled with hatred, the modern left has been trying to destroy the concept of feminine beauty for a long time now.

To reach their insane goals, the left’s new campaign encourages women to make several changes to their appearance, including pushing women to stop shaving their legs and armpits, celebrating “fatness,” and encouraging women to have “unconventional” haircuts, hair colors, and styles.

Feminists have also decided to embrace traits that they see as masculine in their quest to destroy feminine ideals, except the only supposedly ‘masculine’ ideals they are picking up on are things like casual sex, aggressiveness, and dominance.

In the minds of these lunatics, everything that exists is a social construct, and must be destroyed. They don’t really know why, and they don’t really know what they are going to replace it with, they just want everything that American society is based on to be gone.

Even though they see the negative ramifications of their actions, they still refuse to believe that they are wrong. Thanks to the left, women have embraced the idea that career is more important than family, and there are now tons of lonely women in their forties realizing that their chance to have a family is pretty much gone. Men their age aren’t looking at them, they are looking at younger women. The successful career-driven men that they want aren’t looking for career-driven women, they are looking for a partner whose priority is family.

Overall, third-wave feminism and the radical leftist ideologies that go along with it are harming women, and society in general.

Feminism: Before and After

All across the internet, you can find pictures of women before and after they embraced the radical left’s third-wave feminism agenda. Here are a few of the most shocking changes:

Brittany Sellner, who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the left’s attacks on culture, has a video discussing the war on feminine beauty.


Another YouTube commentator, Lauren Chen, also discusses this topic, which she attributes to the left’s embrace of post-modernism. In the video below, she includes a definition of post-modernism, which states that it is a “movement characterized by broad skepticism, subjectivism, or relativism; a general suspicion of reason’ and an acute sensitivity to the role of ideology in asserting and maintaining political and economic power.”

No matter how hard they try to force it, it’s unlikely that these women will ever be able to truly change beauty standards. There is such a thing as objective beauty, and you can’t force men to be attracted to something that they aren’t. Yet, these feminists will continue to try, leaving the dating field wide open for women who don’t subscribe to their ideology. Ultimately, they are just hurting themselves.

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