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The mental aptitude of the president of the United States should be in question after this week’s fiasco of an interview with MSNBC. Joe Biden has been in a clear state of mental decline since before his presidency even started.

The Democrat Party‘s strategy to hide the old man in his basement and the lack of authority the President has over his own administration are major examples of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline into Dementia.

The President of the United States of America should be a man of strong moral character and even strong wits, both of which Joe Biden does not have, and it has been increasingly clear that his mental abilities are on a steep decline in recent interviews and international outings.

The most recent example of Joe Biden embarrassing the American people was due to his latest interview with the Democratic Party’s propaganda arm in mainstream media. MSNBC had Biden in the studio last Thursday where his confusion was on clear display.

Joe Biden traveled to New York to sit down with Nicole Wallace in an interview that was both practiced and contrived to make the MSNBC viewership believe Biden has actually had a successful presidency. Obviously forgetting the many scandals, international policy failures, and the incorrigibly fast-rising inflation the American citizenry has had to deal with since the Democratic senior citizen has taken office. 

Ol’ Joe Biden sat down with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace last Thursday to discuss atrocious leadership thus far.

Nicole Wallace began the interview with softball pitches to the senile president. Biden’s responses we enough to make the most hardened follower of the president cringe as he confused the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence while trying to the Supreme Court for ruling with the Consitution in mind in landmark cases that came out in the last week.

Biden then went on to lie about being a professor at UPenn.

“I was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania and I had a significant budget to hire a lot of people for the Biden Democracy Fund,” Biden said.

Although Joe was paid a substantial fee of $1 million by college, he never taught a single class at Upenn.

But It was the end of the interview that got many people’s attention. Before Nicolle Wallace even had a chance to end the interview Joe Biden awkwardly wandered off-set while the cameras were still live. Biden’s gate shuffled, his eyes unfocused, he mumbled as he went- clear signs of an elderly man battling with Dementia. 

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