Breaking: Trump Scores TWO Major Victories

Breaking: Trump Scores TWO Major Victories

Former President Donald Trump has scored two huge legal victories, and the mainstream media has no choice but to report on them.

The establishment media is definitely not happy having to report on Trump’s recent legal victories. Left-wing CNN host Wolf Blitzer reluctantly spoke about the wins on his show on November 12th.

First Victory

“Former President Donald Trump did just score two legal wins. Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervas agreed to drop the defamation lawsuit she filed against Trump after Trump denied her allegation that he sexually assaulted her back in 2007. That means Trump avoids sitting for a deposition under oath,” Blitzer began.

Zervas came forward at the opportune time — in the midst of the 2016 election — to claim that Donald Trump had groped and kissed her against her will in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007 while she was on The Apprentice. Conveniently, she had never made these allegations before in the 9 years since the so-called incident.

After Trump called her a “liar” and said her accusations were “totally made up stuff” and “fake news,” Zervas sued him for defamation.

Second Victory

“At the same time, a New York judge granted Trump’s motion to dismiss a 2019 lawsuit filed by his former personal attorney Michael Cohen seeking reimbursement for legal fees from the Trump organization,” the CNN host said.

Michael Cohen had sued the Trump Organization for over $1.9 million in legal fees back in 2019, claiming that he was seeking restitution for the legal bills he incurred as special counsel Robert Mueller and several congressional committees investigated Trump.

In his decision, the judge wrote: “Mr. Cohen’s legal fees arise out of his (sometimes unlawful) service to Mr. Trump personally, to Mr. Trump’s campaign, and to the Trump Foundation, but not out of his service to the business of the Trump Organization, which is the only defendant in this case.”

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