Violent Protesters are Now Targeting Specific High Ranking Officials

A group of violent protesters set up an organization outside the house of the Department of Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf. 

ShutDownDC Protesters Stalk Official

The group was with ShutDownDC, which stalked Trump administration officials to restaurants a few years ago in protest against President Trump’s immigration policies – specifically the separation policy at the United States-Mexico border.

The protesters camped outside Wolf’s Virginia residents through Saturday night into Sunday to protest the federal officials who have been sent to Portland, Oregon.

“We visited Chad Wolf this morning to tell him to send his thugs home and to support our friends in Portland, at the border, and across the country @popmobpdx @pnwylf Chad’s neighbors joined us — awkward!” the protest group said on social media. 

BLM Take Over Portland

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioters have taken over Portland and have continuously wreaked havoc with the violence now gone on for over 50 days. The Trump administration sent federal agents to the Oregon city and as well as Chicago, Illinois.

“Marching under the ‘Shut Down D.C.’ banner, they then made their way to the DHS chief’s home where activists were pictured gathering outside with signs that read ‘Resist Trump’s Troops’ and ‘No more teargas, no more tearing families apart,'” Newsweek reported.

“We know there are no career consequences for these men and women. We know there are no financial consequences for these men and women. We know there are no legal consequences for these men and women. We must make social consequences for these men and women,” one of the protesters told the media on the scene. 

He also told of why they decided to host their gathering outside Wolf’s home instead of in a public place.

“We must make it uncomfortable for them. We will not be good Germans. We will not be the people who sat by and watched our neighbors commit these atrocities and said nothing because their kids were home,” he said.

While the media showed up to cover the event, video footage shows that the ShutDownDC event was rather small in number. About two dozen people were there at 11 am.

Rioters in Portland and Chicago have seen intense violence and destruction of property night after night.

Democrats from across the country have aired their distaste of federal agents being deployed to attempt in regaining some sort of order.

  1. This crap needs to stop. Real Americans need to arm themselves, take the training, and protect their families and homes from these thugs. They a useless scum that need to be snuffed out. The sooner the better.

  2. I get so sick of the s0-called “do gooders”. They are nothing but anarchists and rioters who have nothing better to do than to protest, put up signs, loot and burn and anything that doesnt co-incide with their faaaaar left marxist crap must be eliminated. Ordinary citizens who love their country, love their flag, love their police, love their president and want the country to succeed must be eliminated. Instead they want government takeover, to tell us all what to do and when to do it and who we shouldnt like and not have any mind or thoughts of our own but just to follow this evil, criminal bunch of reprobates—-guess they live in their parents basements, and dont have jobs and ask mommy and daddy for spending money. They are truly nothing but imature crybabies who dont believe in people being able to think for themselves and pray as they wish —-anarchism and treachery and sedition is their game. bet lots of them are getting money from the very evil criminal george soros, who deservess to be thrown into jail for the damage he has done with his billions of
    dirty money. Please-go home you babies and let your mommy wash your dirty clothes and cook your meals. We who love our country and want to make decisions of our own and dont need you to decide for us what and what not we should be doing can surely get along without your treasonous ways. Go to Venezuela if you want to be a marxist and see how you will like it.

  3. I have a “distaste” for “democrats from around the country!” They are THE reason
    for all the rioting, looting, burning and destruction for the past six months!

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