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Video: The Moment Mike Pence BROKE Kamala…and MORE!

Vice President Mike Pence absolutely demolished Senator Kamala Harris during the vice presidential debate, and we have many video clips to prove it.

Raising Taxes

Kamala Harris’ insufferable attitude seemed to turn off many voters during the debate. A Trump campaign adviser, Harlan Hill, was even banned from Fox News for pointing out that fact. In this particular clip, Vice President Pence calls Harris out on one of her many blatant lies: that Biden will not raise taxes. Her response, or lack thereof, was uncomfortable to say the least:

Court-Packing and Abraham Lincoln

Pence also redirected a question to bring up an important issue that Biden and Harris have been trying to avoid discussing: court-packing. Instead of answering the question, Kamala Harris goes on a two minute rant about Abraham Lincoln, most of which was a lie.

“You want to talk about packing the court, let’s have that discussion. Abraham Lincoln was up for re-election and there was a Supreme Court seat vacant with 27 days to go. Honest Abe decided to wait till the election” claimed Harris, while avoiding the actual question about court-packing.

The truth? In October 1864, Abraham Lincoln did not send a Supreme Court nominee to the Senate because the Senate was out of session until December. He did send his nominee, Salmon P. Chase, to the Senate on the second day of the new session, where he was confirmed that same day.

COVID Vaccine

Acting as if President Trump is the one in the lab creating the vaccine, Kamala Harris childishly states: “If Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not taking it.”

Pence calls her out on undermining public confidence in the vaccine: “Stop playing politics with people’s lives.”


Vice President Pence calls out Harris, Biden, and other Democrats for supporting tax payer funded abortion up until the moment of birth.


Pence called out Biden and Harris for supporting banning fracking, which they have both tried to deny:

Kamala Harris tries to deny Biden has ever called to ban fracking, but we have evidence:


Pence snaps back at Harris for saying that the Trump administration has lost the trade war with China. “Lost the trade war with China? Joe Biden never fought it. Joe Biden has been a cheerleader for Communist China through, over the last several decades,” says Pence.

The Green New Deal

The Bottom Line

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