John Durham subpoenas

Durham Issues Subpoenas…Dominoes Begin to Fall

John Durham is taking his time with his report, making sure he doesn’t miss a single piece of evidence. Durham has issued multiple subpoenas throughout his investigation.

Speaking with Sean Hannity, reporter John Solomon discussed Attorney General William Barr‘s interview with Laura Ingraham about the alleged “mistakes” made by the FBI.

According to Solomon, Durham has already issued subpoenas, and many of his witnesses have already testified. “I know of some witnesses that received subpoenas, I know of some witnesses that have appeared before the grand jury,” said Solomon.

“I’ve seen some evidence of the grand jury work in the last four, five, six weeks. It’s been going on in the middle of the pandemic. And I think we’re going to get a better sense of what that looks like,” Solomon continued.

Building a Case

Solomon also spoke about Durham’s process, saying: “They’ve got to build this case methodically. and they have a good starting point.”

Solomon said that, based on the report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, “we know there was a crime” which was “clearly identified in the IG’s report.”

Discussing the illegally obtained wiretap on Carter Page, Solomon said that an “FBI lawyer changed a document to deceive the court. They literally, fraudulently changed a document to deceive the court. That’s a crime.”

As Durham’s process dictates, according to Solomon, the U.S. Attorney and his team “will start there and they will wind back.”

The People In Power “Verified” the Lies

Hannity asked Solomon “What about the people that signed” the FISA applications? “Knowing that the top of a FISA application says verified and none of it was verified? What about the people who put their signature on it like James Comey?”

“Yeah. And Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein,” Solomon added. “Every time you played that Rod Rosenstein clip on your show, you’re reminded, ‘Oh, we did this right. We did this right.’ Those guys lied to us when they said that. They did nothing right. Nothing about this was right.”

“Last week, what did we learn,” Solomon continued. “29 out of 29 FISAs reviewed. All of them wrong. The FBI has not been following the law for a long time on this and there has to be a reckoning… False testimony is an area that I believe Durham has been focusing on, based on the grand jury subpoenas and questions that I’ve heard.”

Who Gave False Testimony?

“We know that John Brennan gave false testimony on several occasions. Comey and McCabe lied to Congress as well,” Solomon said.

Attorney General Barr agreed, saying in an interview with Fox that “the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes and sloppiness. There’s something far more troubling here. And we’re going to get to the bottom of it.” Barr also referred to “the deep state’s assault on the president” as “one of the greatest travesties in American history.”

Solomon believes that those statements from Barr’s interview “were the most important takeaways.” Solomon also wants to remind the public to have hope, saying: “It’s easy for us to become discouraged and say ‘nothing will happen’ because, outside of a few leaks from the CIA or other similar entities, we never hear anything. But Barr’s response to this question reassures us that they’re on it and that nothing Durham’s team has uncovered so far has changed his mind.”

  1. So, when can we Americans start seeing some Action against these Lying, Crooked Lawbreakers ……………..WHEN??????

    They “ALL” need to be prosecuted and imprisoned for a very long time!!!!!!!!

    Justice must prevail or the USA is no longer a Free from Destruction and Existence!!!!!

  2. This seems to be a soft report that in reality protects the tediousness and timidity of Barr and Durham. I think Trump has stated he is tired of the delay, and I agree. The general public is beginning to think more D.C. deep state bullshit. Supposedly, reason for delay was it might look “political” so close to the election. More stonewalling, dishonesty, lies. and likely some “deep state” involvement. I trust no one in politics. I always have to see the proof and clear history. The commons sense fact is delaying action until after the election is THE MOST POLITICAL action taken. Pure conspiracy crap. I don’t think Trump has been nearly strong enough combating dems. and our enemies. This nation is hanging by a thread. America and ALL institutions have been so thoroughly infiltrated over the decades it is doubtful it can survive on November 3rd and into the future. I support Trump but he has far too patient draining the swamp. Why in hell did he leave so many communist radical dems. in government. Why has the GOP continued to be soft on the dems.? We ARE AT WAR, literally. The next 6 months will reveal there is still some hope or AMERICA IS DONE. Only thing to save America, Constitution, freedom is a God miracle and/or WAR. Praying for a God intervention. The communists have been steady and patient for decades, growing like cancer, never relenting. Takes more than talk. Our enemies do not talk, they take action including murder, insurrection, sedition, anarchy and so far getting away with it. We will have to set aside the Constitution in order to protect it. It can no longer protect us or itself. WE MUST WIN AND PREVENT THIS FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN OR ELSE!

  3. Dollar to donuts this slow walk will continue until the DOJ sees whether the democrats can steal the election. If they do, it goes away, if not, the slow walk will continue. The swamp goes on.

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