Capitol Police Crack Down HARD

Capitol police went full Gestapo on the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir from Greenville, South Carolina. They dared to perform the “Star Spangled Banner,” until they were ordered to stop because “it might be found offensive.” The incident happened on May 26 and damage control officials are scrambling to spin the story around, so it doesn’t sound so bad.

Capitol Police crack down hard

After every conservative in America came unglued, Capitol Police have a lame explanation for why singers from Rushingbrook Children’s Choir were treated like barbarian insurrectionists for daring to perform the National Anthem inside the Capitol Building. They were stopped due to “miscommunication,” officials insist.

The real reason had to do with permission. That falls apart because the kids had permission. Kevin McCarthy’s permission specifically. The miscommunication is that nobody bothered to ask anyone about the issue before shutting down their performance.

Capitol police insist that they were right to stop the show because “musical performances in the hallowed seat of Congress require permission.” They add that “officers had been unaware that the choir had approval from the House speaker.

They totally deny the claims of the choir leader, who was there, “that the performance was stopped because it might be found offensive.” What they say now and what they said to the kids then are two entirely different things.

According to choir director David Rasbach, backed up by Micah Rea, “a choir leader who helped organize the trip,” the group “worked with the offices of Reps. William Timmons, Joe Wilson and Russell Fry, all Republicans from South Carolina, to get permission for the performance.

They got word that “the visit was approved by the office of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.” That should have done the trick. Capitol Police never bothered to check.

A tour of the Capitol

Just like the barbarian insurrectionists on January 6, the group stopped by the office of Rep. Wilson to say thank you, then were led on a peaceful tour of the Capitol building. The guided tour ended without incident or injury at “Statuary Hall, famous for housing a collection of statues donated by each of the 50 states.

That’s where the choir began their performance. They didn’t make it through the first verse of the National Anthem before one of the tour guides went ballistic, demanding to know if they had permission. Rasbach and Rea promptly told them, you bet. They were told to stop singing until “he conferred with someone else.” That’s when the police got involved.

Video of the scandalous affair “shows the children concluding the first verse of the anthem as onlookers applauded. But as they started another verse, an officer can be seen talking with Rea and another man. About a minute later, a man identified as a staffer for Wilson approached Rasbach to stop the singing.” Rasbach was confused.

When they stopped us and I walked over to the Capitol Police I said, ‘Why are you stopping us?‘ They said, ‘Because this is considered a demonstration and we don’t allow demonstrations in the Capitol.

When Rasbach started acting like an insurrectionist and raising his voice, Capitol Police told him that “there were also concerns that people could be offended.” Rasbach didn’t get his name or badge number so of course, that never happened. The agency “initially issued a statement saying they were under the impression the group didn’t have permission to perform in the building.

When that didn’t hold up under scrutiny because nobody bothered to find out, “they later issued a second statement saying there had been a ‘miscommunication‘ and that the police were not aware that the Speaker’s Office had approved this performance.” They weren’t aware because they didn’t bother to find out.

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