Video shows exactly how they cheated

Video Shows Exactly How They Cheated

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, posted an hour-long live video on YouTube showing the results of his team’s mathematical analysis of voting in four major counties in Michigan.

Dr. Ayyadurai’s analysis reveals the unfortunate truth about U.S. voting systems, and raises questions about election integrity:

In the video, he discusses the lack of true voter identification or authentication, how our election systems work, and different types of voting.

He is also joined by two special guests: Phil Evans, B.S.S.E., an inventor, engineer, and data analyst; and Bennie Smith, a software engineer, election commissioner, and data analyst.

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  1. You say Integrity lol the delusional democrats have no integrity , they don’t know the meaning of the word . Not a honest one in the hole damn lot . Never say Integrity when talking about the delusional democrats . Illegal yes , dirty and corrupt , yes . but never , integrity . They are the Hitlers of our country . Laws mean nothing to them and the sooner we remember that the faster we can fix this crap of theirs . Laws are for everyone , not just the poor . They want to kill off the deplorables like hilter did the jews . That’s the integrity of the delusional democrats . It’s going to come down to kill or be killed because of the integrity of the delusional democrats . Mark my word on that one . It’s all they have to keep the power they crave .

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