University Turns Blind Eye to Woke Professor’s Inexcusable Behavior

According to emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Princeton University learned of allegations of plagiarism against one of its progressive professors back in December 2021, however still have yet to take any actions against him to this day.

Princeton dean of faculty Gene Jarrett received an email from economic historian Phillip Magness in December citing evidence that Princeton historian Kevin Kruse plagiarized multiple passages of his 2015 book One Nation Under God. 

“I am sharing this information in the interest of academic integrity,” Magness wrote. Within the email was detailed evidence comparing Kruse’s book with a 1956 New York Times article from which the professor appears to have taken passages without attribution.

Magness stated that he never received a response from the university and that they have yet to announce an investigation of Kruse. Meanwhile, Jarrett also did not respond to a request for comment.

We can see that there is a very stark contrast between how the university has treated Kruse, who is known for harshly criticizing conservative media, versus Joshua Katz, a professor who was fired shortly after he criticized the school’s racial politics.

This being said, many are now questioning whether there are political double standards at play at the university, which has since denied that Katz’ firing had anything to do with ideology at all.

In response to his criticism of the school’s political correctness, Katz drew a lot of backlash from students, faculty, and staff. For example, the university condemned him for being a racist during 2021 freshman orientation, doctoring one of his own quotes to make him appear racially insensitive.

On the other hand, Kruse walks free without any punishment. He is known to frequently post on Twitter attempting to debunk conservative “lies” and even mocked a member of the Trump administration for plagiarizing his master’s thesis in 2017.

“We’d expel a student who pulled this,” Kruse tweeted.

Magness has gone on to state that Kruse may have plagiarized his own thesis in addition to his 2015 book. Not to mention that passages within Kruse’s 2000 doctoral dissertation almost entirely match those in two monographs written by Thomas Sugrue.

Magness mentioned these similarities in another email sent to dean of research, Pablo Debenedetti, who told Magness he would forward the email to Jarrett, to which he never heard a reply.

Plagiarism is a “very serious charge at Princeton,” the school’s academic integrity policies state. “It can result in disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion.”


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