Last night’s first 2020 presidential debate made a few things quite clear, despite the bias mainstream media coverage of the showdown between Presidential Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The Debate was Heavy with Interruptions

Tuesday night’s debate was fraught with arguing and many interruptions by Fox New’s moderator Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, who constantly came to Biden’s defense.

While it was clear that President Trump did not perform at his peak, Biden failed to answer any questions truthfully that the president sent his way.

With the mainstream media declaring Biden as the winner of the debate, it is clear to Americans what actually is the case.

Main Takeaways

The main takeaways Trump got at through the event included:

1. Getting Biden to say he is not in agreement with the radical Green New Deal even though his running mate Kamala Harris and his own website saying he supports it. This move probably distanced his radical leftist supporters, such as AOC.

2. Trump pointed out Biden’s son’s shady business dealing with Russia and China. Even though Biden dodged the questions about his son Hunter and Wallace pushing Trump off the subject, the president still managed to bring up facts about the corruption.

3. While cities are being tormented by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, Biden has failed to disavow the violence from these domestic terrorist groups. Trump also pointed out that Biden has basically no law enforcement support.

4. Despite being constantly cut off by Wallace, Trump did get Biden to admit his scheme to heavily raise taxes on the middle class and not take into consideration the state of the economy at any point.

5. Perhaps one of the best moments of the night was when Trump declared that he has done more for the American people in 47 months than Biden has in the 47 years he’s been in government.

The Fight is Still Underway

While Trump is known for his fighting spirit, it was Biden who called the president of the United States a “clown” on national television. He also told the sitting president to “shut up” on more than one occasion.

John Nolte wrote in Breitbart News that: “No, the corrupt national media want the two remaining presidential debates canceled because they know Trump won and Biden lost.”

“Listen, Trump’s always going to be Trump. If people haven’t figured that out by now, they never will. He’s just going to be who he is, and who he is is a president who doesn’t give a mouse turd about norms, because he knows the norms are all rigged by the fake media to benefit Democrats.”

Looking just at the performance, the answers and the questions asked by each candidate, it is clear -that though it may not have been pretty – Trump won.


  1. Oh come on now … you knew this was a one sided debate . Everyone against trump . Biden had notes about the questions . Now how did he know what questions would be asked if he were given them . He keep looking down at notes or cards with the answers to each question . If that’s not rigging the debate then what is . Kind of like mail in votes scam to steal the election . It’s a sad day when the delusional democrats can’t find a real contender to win the election . Instead they have to prop up a dummy and feed everything to him to look the part . But still he lied and couldn’t finish any question asked . They need a better person to ask the questions not a one sided delusional democrats that has to save old Joe’s ass befor he makes bigger ass of himself on tv befor the hole country . I say let him stand alone like trump has to . If old joe falls then so be it . he wasn’t ment to be there if he can’t handle this little bit of time in the news . This is to show what you got , it’s go big … or go home . It’s the biggest job in our country and can’t let a weak person in the big boys seat . So stop holding old joe up and make him prove himself like everyone else has to . Like I said … GO BIG … OR GO HOME

  2. Why hasn’t anybody put up the facts of Trump’s taxes” he paid 1 million in 2016 & 4.2 million in 2017…BECAUSE he overpaid in those years, he only paid $750 in taxes last year! Our Presidnt gave ALL of his salary back to the Country, too! He is a philanthropist but no one gives him any credit…which he doesn’t need because his reward will come in heaven.

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