Judiciary Committee Peels Back the Democrat Facade

Conservatives on the House Judiciary Committee are peeling back the false-front facade of Democrat shenanigans. Jerrold Nadler and his traitorous cronies are misusing the committee’s resources. Not like it would be the first time or anything.

Democrat misuse of McGahn

Ohio conservative Republican Jim Jordan is furious, along with other non-RINO Republican panel members. The House Judiciary Committee, which he’s the ranking member of, “put out a memo about Don McGahn’s testimony.” The former White House counsel gave members a closed-door interview on Friday about the Mueller report from two years ago.

If the beating of a dead horse waste of time wasn’t enough, the committee’s resources were misused when the Democrat faction released the transcribed testimony on Wednesday. The liberal misdirection is obviously nothing but political theater.


An irate Jordan put out a memo to set the record straight. He spelled out in detail how McGahn’s testimony “provided no new information of substance.” It was nothing but a Democrat plot to waste “valuable committee time.”

The biggest mistake liberals made “was using limited Committee time and resources in a face-saving project, believing they could uncover material that the Special Counsel investigation had missed.”

Back when the witch hunt was in full swing, McGahn had been grilled relentlessly, multiple times during Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller’s partisan probe. The one that didn’t find a single shred of Russia collusion because there wasn’t any to find.


Desperately frustrated Democrat lawmakers are hoping that McGahn has what they need to hang Trump. They waited a long time to get him on the stand. It couldn’t be done until Imperial Leader Biden changed the staff around at the Ministry of Justice.

Two years in court

For two whole years, the Democrat insurrectionists tangled in court to slice through layers of red tape strung by the Trump administration. The whole fight was over “the nature of McGahn’s relationship with former President Donald Trump.” Because Trump was McGahn’s “client,” the attorney is “immune from congressional testimony.”

Recently, the new AG, Merrick Garland, cut a deal allowing “the testimony to occur but restricted it to a private interview.” Also, questions were limited to “topics already covered in the Mueller report.”

Diminutive committee chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York was thrilled out of his clown shoes to be able to release the transcript.

“Mr. McGahn provided the Committee with substantial new information,” he said, “including firsthand accounts of President Trump’s increasingly out of control behavior, and insight into concerns that the former President’s conduct could expose both Trump and McGahn to criminal liability.” Oh really? That’s not what the conservatives got out of it. His office won’t return calls asking when the charges will be filed.

Jordan was peeved. He “lambasted” the committee’s Democrat members for “indulging in their obsession with President Trump.” Get over it.

“Instead of rehashing the Special Counsel’s report and indulging in their obsession with President Trump, Committee Democrats should be using the Committee’s resources on issues that matter—for example, the Biden border crisis, the recent poor jobs reports, attacks on fundamental American civil rights, or Big Tech’s censorship of speech online.”

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