Another IRS Whistleblower Steps Forward to Expose More on Biden

It’s a shocking scandal that has been unfolding for many months now, as more and more evidence continues to surface about the potential protection given to Hunter Biden from federal prosecutors. Now, another whistleblower has stepped forward to speak to House Ways and Means Committee, echoing previous whistleblower testimonies.

Darrell Waldon, an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent, validated testimony from Gary Shapley; Waldon stated that Special Counsel David Weiss was blocked from pursuing charges against Hunter in both Washington D.C. and California.

The implications here are significant and could have major ramifications for Hunter. During his transcribed interview with the House Ways & Means Committee earlier this month, Mr. Waldon stated that Weiss had attempted to take action in D.C., only to be denied by local U.S Attorneys there.

He also added that similar attempts were made in California as well, although they were unsuccessful as well due to lack of cooperation from prosecutors there too.

Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) was quick to point out what appeared to be a contradiction between what Mr Weiss had said regarding his “complete authority” over such matters when it seemed clear he had already been turned down.

However Attorney General Merrick Garland dismissed this claim stating that refusal of partnership does not necessarily equate to denial of authority under Justice Department practices – an assertion which Rep Jordan disagreed with strongly during their exchange on the matter.

Despite strong divisions within Congress along party lines regarding these issues, one Democratic lawmaker broke ranks and openly acknowledged his belief that Hunter Biden “clearly” committed crimes during his various business dealings.

Rep Jim Himes of Connecticut went on record during an MSNBC interview stating that if any wrongdoing was done by Hunter then he should absolutely be held accountable accordingly regardless of any family connections.

While Republicans have alleged publicly they have seen FBI documents indicating tens of millions of illicit funds going towards both Joe and Hunter Biden, Himes insisted there is still no evidence linking either man directly or officially despite those claims being made across news outlets.

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