Unbelievable: Hamas Issues Disgusting Statement

Just when you thought the savagery of the terrorist group Hamas couldn’t possibly get any worse, they take it one step further by issuing this one statement. It’s one thing to brutally attack and murder innocent people…it’s something entirely different to then lie about it.

n what can only be described as a heinous act of brutality, Hamas released an official statement denying reports that they attacked children and targeted civilians. However, footage reveals something far different.

It is clear from the evidence available that Hamas specifically targeted a dance party in the desert to kill as many innocent young adults as possible. Here again is footage of Hamas flying paragliders into a dance party to slaughter innocent young adults.

The terrorist organization was able to slaughter at least 260 young kids dancing and also kidnapped another 50 as hostages. This act of violence is absolutely abhorrent and completely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, this was not where the horror ended. Not content with simply attacking unarmed civilians, it appears that Hamas also slaughtered children, beheaded babies, and kidnapped terrified little children and took them to Gaza – acts which are beyond comprehension in terms of their cruelty and depravity.

The shocking statement reads as follows:

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has strongly dismissed the false claims promoted by some Western media outlets, such as Palestinian freedom fighters killing children and targeting civilians.

In a press statement Wednesday, Hamas condemned promoting the Israeli occupation’s propaganda, which is full of lies and fabrications, as an attempt to cover up the crimes and massacres committed by the Israeli occupation around the clock, most of which amount to war crimes and genocide.

The Palestinian resistance movement stressed that Palestinian freedom fighters have been targeting Israeli occupation military and security posts and bases – all of which are legitimate targets.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian freedom fighters have sought to avoid targeting civilians, Hamas added, pointing to televised testimonies made by several colonial settlers.

Hamas regretted that Western mainstream media has failed to report on the war crimes and genocide committed by the Israeli occupation, which has indiscriminately and violently pounded neighbourhoods and bombed dozens of homes with their inhabitants inside, killing more than 950 people, including 260 children and 230 women, so far.

Hamas called on Western mainstream media to seek both truth and accuracy in reporting on the ongoing Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.”

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