Republicans Showing Double Digit Advantage, Citizens Sick of Dem Policies

A new midterm election poll from The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action has sounded the death knell of the Democratic party with the  GOP seizing an absolutely devastating double digit advantage over their once-‘legitimate’ opponents.

Under the Biden-Harris regime, the Democrat party has been in a polling death spiral, while the Dem-Socialist Congress attempts to push through more and more radical hyper-partisan policies, acting as though they had a mandate they never achieved, Biden and Harris’ endless series of policy and executive failures have caused all but the most radicalized zealots to peel away at the grassroots. They are quite simply bleeding the independent and moderate support that is their lifeblood, ever since they utterly poisoned themselves against Republicans during the Trump administration.

The Double Digit Death Knell Of The DNC

The poll by The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action was completed in February 2022 with a pool of 1,073 likely general election voters and a margin of error of 2.99% making the outcome all the more devastating: 54.4% of likely general election voters said that they prefer a Republican Congressional candidate over a Democrat. 41.9% said they would prefer a Democrat candidate, a decisive 12.5 point split. 3.7% were undecided


There is definitely a term for what the Democrats are currently experiencing beyond the alternating evil and incompetence of their Congressional leadership and the Biden-Harris regime: it’s Narrative Collapse. In one particularly surprising question Trafalgar asked “Do you believe police departments can be fully funded, prosecutors tough on crime, and officers who abuse their power properly disciplined?” A very surprising 58.4% of Democrats polled answered yes, seeming to reject the Defund the police” narrative of their party in an overwhelming majority suggesting what many have suspected: Democrats are fatally out of touch with their moderate base and have surrendered too much control to the radical far left.

Another unexpected insight from the poll is that Biden’s soft stance on Beijing, serious concerns over his ability to deal with Xi Jinping on equal footing, and growing reports of his family’s startling business ties to the CCP could severely harm the Democrats going into 2022. Surprisingly and astutely a large plurality of Democrats polled, some 41.8% believe the growing aggression of China is a threat to the US, and right now the Dems look VERY weak on that threat.

The polling held few other surprises and showed stark divides on the role of parents in education and Biden’s role in impacting inflation. 72% of Dems said that parents shouldn’t have greater authority than teacher’s unions directing their districts’ education policy… which is troubling but not shocking. While 77% of the GOP said parents should have greater authority. Meanwhile, a stunning 72.1% of Democrats actually thought Biden’s policies are HELPING to REDUCE inflation, reinforcing the notion that the left and right exist in totally different realities, while 94% of Republicans accurately believe Biden is making the situation worse.

One at least interesting if not quixotic note was that the Democrat voters seem to have greater confidence in Republicans’ ability to roll back Biden’s policies than GOP voters do.

This shows two things: most Democrat voters are afraid of the GOP taking back Congress and what they’ll do with that control, and GOP voters while supporting their candidates are wary that as we’ve seen so many times… Republicans will get a majority and fail to act on it.

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