Hamas Just CONFIRMED It… They’re Going to Kill Them

Things just got much more complicated in Israel.

During the initial attack, Hamas took hundreds of people prisoner.

We now know there are Americans among those prisoners.

Sadly, they may not be alive for much longer.

We Will Kill Them

Hamas issued a threat after the first counterstrike by Israel.

After killing nearly 1,000 innocent people, more likely thousands, Hamas wants Israel to give them a warning before they send missiles into the Gaza Strip.

Abu Obeida, a spokesman for the Qassam Brigades, stated, “We announce that every targeting of our people who are safe in their homes without warning, we will regretfully meet with the execution of our enemy’s civilian hostages.”

There were also reports that those executions were going to happen on live TV.

They surely know they have American citizens among those hostages, and if they execute them, that changes everything.

I don’t see how Biden does not commit forces and put boots on the ground if that takes place.

And if the United States jumps into that conflict, you better believe Russia, Iran, and Syria are not far behind on the other side.

If that happens, we have World War III.

All this because Joe Biden insisted on trying to be buddies with Iran.

Source: NBC News

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