Trump’s Three Horsemen Joining Up For The Battle for America

They’re calling them the “Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. Now you know when a far-leftist garbage publication like Jezebel makes a flimsy biblical reference, something big is on the horizon! (Nobody tell them that there are actually four horsemen. Just laugh at them..) Former Independent Counsel and Defense attorney for President Trump Ken Starr, former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and former Trump White House policy adviser Stephen Miller are working together to form a legal organization that will be the MAGA answer to the ultra-liberal ACLU or more so the completely corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center.

Politico reports,

“The group, which will be known as America First Legal, will help organize Republican attorneys general against perceived executive branch abuses in addition to filing lawsuits of its own, according to six people familiar with the planning.”

Multiple conservative groups have been forming in response to the massive executive overreach of the Biden-Harris regime on the political side of the equation, but this would be the first legal organization. The America First Policy Institute involving Trump White House domestic policy adviser Brooke Rollins and National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow would seem to be the MAGA equivalent to the leftist Center for American Progress. And the Save America PAC is clearly the fundraising Arm of the MAGA movement.

Horsemen to Lead The MAGA Legal Resistance to the Biden-Harris Regime

At present there are several large-scale lawsuits in progress against the Biden regulatory machine as the Executive orders continue to rain down from the fiat-ruling Federal Government that the Democrat-Socialists are propping up as a hostile power against it’s own states. Legal challenges to the Keystone XL pipeline cancellation continue to mount with 21 State Attorney’s General signing on. A dozen states have joined suit to challenge the draconian environmental extremist policies of the “Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis”. With so many legal challenges at play simultaneously and many more doubtless to come a single organization that can spearhead the challenges and allow the State AG’s to align behind or center their efforts is crucial.

Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said,

“I do think that a number of the policies that the Biden administration has taken are probably ripe for some legal challenges in the sense that they were taken down pretty abruptly or they were changed pretty abruptly,”

“What we saw during the Trump administration was numerous lawsuits because we didn’t go through the formal process. So if that was the case the last four years, I think you can look to that as guidance for what to expect now,” Wolf added.

Let the horsemen ride.


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