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Obama Memo Blows Case Wide Open… He Was Set Up

A huge report broke last week regarding an Obama-era program that could impact Donald Trump’s classified documents case.

The reason for the raid on Trump’s home was that Trump possibly had classified documents that were not secured.

If the new report is accurate, it could result in the documents being thrown out of the case.

Bogus Papers

The Obama-era program was discovered by America First Legal (AFL).

The organization uncovered a program that was put in place by the Obama administration after a Russian breach in 2014.

The memo that outlined the program, “Memorandum of Understanding Entered into by Presidential Information Technology Community Entities,” was authored in 2015.

It outlines the creation of the Presidential Information Technology Community (PITC).

This program centralized the information given to the president, meaning the president would have to access the PITC for all classified documents.

If that was the case, there is a very good chance the DOJ knew exactly what documents were located at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home because Trump would have accessed them through the PITC.

That would counter the warrant that was issued, which, if I understand the law properly, could nullify the warrant if the cause was found to be false.

If that is the case, the court would have to toss those documents.

America First Legal Vice President Dan Epstein explained, “What America First Legal has uncovered after months of investigative work paints an unfortunate picture of the rule of law in Washington.

“A former President of the United States — the most democratically accountable officer under our Constitution — was subject to a politicized referral concocted by the Biden White House that led to an armed FBI raid of his home — where his wife and youngest child live — and is now subject to prosecution.

“And to now realize that the Biden Administration could have avoided an illegal referral process to recover records the government already possessed, that it could have used normal means to ensure that records the former president believed should be housed in his presidential library (not yet built because of the hordes of investigations aimed at silencing him) were subject to a temporary hold for purposes of Archives’ review — yet didn’t — speaks loudly to America: the law protects only those who follow the norms of one party.”

Again, there are a lot of moving parts here that need to be sorted out, so I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up about this, but I would imagine Donald Trump’s legal team will address this with a new motion soon enough.

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