Trump Interview Turns Brutal

Trump Interview Turns Brutal

Donald Trump didn’t hold back in an interview with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe, as his criticism of the current administration turned brutal.

In the interview, released on March 22, Trump stated that the Biden administration had been “far more radical than Bernie Sanders ever thought was possible.”

Boothe noted that Joe Biden cancelled the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, ceased construction of the border wall, and is “not moving forward with certain oil and gas leases… My question on all this is, are the Biden’s bought and paid for by China?”

“Yes, but beyond bought and paid for, this is not what he campaigned on. This is more radical, what he’s doing. And I don’t even think it’s him, I think it’s the cabal. This is more radical than anything that he campaigned on. This is more radical than Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders never dreamt that they’d be approving things like they’re approving,” Trump responded.

“And, it’s unbelievable, what’s happening. This is far more than Bernie Sanders ever thought was possible. And, it’s disgraceful. And, they’re trying to destroy our country,” he added.

“But what about all those jobs lost?” Boothe asked.

“When Biden campaigned… he never talked about closing the Keystone. I wouldn’t say that he said he was going to keep it, but he certainly didn’t indicate that he was going to, in his almost first week, immediately get rid of it… He never said that during the campaign. On energy, he was pretty positive on energy. And, now, we’re not going to be energy independent in another few months, based on what he’s doing. Gas prices are going through the roof. He never talked about this stuff,” Trump replied.

The Bottom Line

Donald Trump is half right. Biden never specifically promised to do these things, but the language he used on the campaign trail led many conservatives to warn about these radical changes. Biden is beholden to the radical far left that got him elected, he had no choice but to enact these job-killing policies. Trump’s brutal criticism of the Biden administration follows the warnings that the former president gave on the campaign trail, that Biden would undo all of the positive changes made by the Trump administration — including our energy independence. Democrat policies are destructive by nature, and we have another four years of this destruction to come.

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