A prominent Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader Walter (Hawk) Newsome was arrested on Sunday after blocking a pro-Trump caravan.

BLM Agitators Clash with Cops

The agitator was blacking a caravan lead by Republicans who were driving into Manhattan and Newsome was clashing with cops.

The BLM leader is in charge of the Greater New York chapter and was one of 10 people who were cited with harassing cops. People who were waiting for the Pro-Trump caravan were told by police to get off the road and wait on the sidewalks instead.

Newsome resides in the Bronx and was ultimately charged with obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct when he ignored police orders to disperse, the New York Daily News reported.

Along with the BLM leader, nine other rioters were arrested for their roles in harassing police and blocking roads.

Videos Show Riot Chaos

Videos taken and posted on social media show police on bicycles trying to get rioters to get out of the streets. Rioters can be seen beating police with objects such as umbrellas and officers using batons to try and keep some sort of law and order.

A doorman on W. 24th St. said that the rioters were given permission to walk on the street until they got to Chelsea High Line overpass where police officers gave orders for them to move to the sidewalks.

The doorman, Danzail Johnson, 24 explained:

 “When they got under the viaduct, they (cops) pretty much just dispersed everyone, told everyone to get out the street,” Johnson said. “Whoever didn’t move quickly enough or didn’t get out the street, they arrested them and kind of just put a perimeter and shut down the whole block basically.”

Police Try to Keep Order

“If you remain in the roadway and refuse to use the available sidewalk you will be subject to the arrest,” cops blared over a loudspeaker.

The violent BLM agitators chanted, “How do you spell murderer? NYPD,” according to Johnson.

  1. We need to make blocking roadways a crime, with preset, severe punishment. This risks lives. The life of the idiot blocking the road and the lives of those in the cars that are stopped. The stopped cars can easily be stuck from behind by drivers not paying attention. I am a a victim of such an accident. I was rear ended at 70 mph at an accident site. Three lanes of traffic half a mile deep at least, from an accident. I was the last car in the right hand lane, my auto was hit by an idiot doing 70. I had to watch her turned toward her passenger, both looking directly at the other, both with their mouths open appearing to be talking over each other. A split second before I am hit the passenger turns forward, then the driver, then a brake tap, then an impact. I live in pain 24/7/365. I can no longer work. Lived this way over 22 years now and will until I die. THIS is what you are risking when you allow idiot to block the roads. Make it a cut and dried hard core crime and save someone else’s life or minimum quality of life. It is dangerous. There is no excuse for it. Punish them and make it harsh.

  2. BLM you`re nothing but a bowel movement with leaches in the middle of it. When Trump wins again you`re going to have to find yourself a job. I`m saying the free stuff has come to an end. Go tell it to Obama he will soon be deported back to Mombassa, Kenya.

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