Bomb Squad Rushed to GOP Office

The day before the 2020 presidential election a suspicious package was found outside the Alabama GOP office.

On November 2nd a spokesperson from the City of Tuscumbia went on record saying a disturbing package was placed outside the Republican Party headquarters in Tuscumbia.

Police Chief Tony Logan said that a suitcase was located on a bench on Main Street close by the GOP office on Monday morning. After an investigation, Chief Logan confirmed there was a tube inside the package.


According to WAFF 48:

Phillip Green with the Colbert county Republican Party told WAFF one of their candidates found the suitcase and a cylindrical package outside the building and called police.

Tuscumbia Police and the Florence Police Bomb Squad responded to the scene and deployed a robot used for bomb investigating.


Crews also performed multiple x-rays to help determine the package was not harmful.

GOP offices across the country have seen an uptick of violence and harassment this year.

Last week in Grand Junction, Colorado a volunteer was harassed by a Joe Biden supporter who came into the Mesa County Republican office.

“Most of my volunteers in the office are retired folks so they’re up there in age and we were kind of shocked that someone would come in and harass them like the gentleman did on Thursday,” says Chairman of the Mesa County Republican Party, Kevin McCarney.

Video footage from a security camera shows an older woman being viciously harassed by a grown man.

“It was unfortunate. We would never condone that any of our people doing that and he’s been bragging about it on Facebook.”

The volunteer is sitting at her desk when a Biden supporter bursts through the door and harasses the older woman. The woman says, “We don’t want any trouble.”

Democrats across the country have become increasingly violent towards GOP members and if Donald Trump wins re-election, terrorism is only projected to get worse.

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