This Senator’s CONTROVERSIAL Ad Had Dems Up in Arms

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana released a thirty-second ad on Sept. 30 that has his competition in the Democratic party up in arms and has placed ‘woke’ social-justice politicians on notice. It seems when you point out that in a world without police a “crackhead” might be the only ‘help’ available, they get a bit annoyed.

Beginning the ad, Sen. Kennedy says: “Violent crime is surging in Louisiana. Woke leaders blame the police. I blame the criminals.”

“A mom should not have to look over her shoulder when she’s pumping gas. I voted against the early release of violent criminals and I opposed defunding the police.” He added.

Kennedy concluded, “Look, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead.”

Louisiana Democrats are labeling Kennedy’s ad referring to a “crackhead” as racist and stating they feel it fails to offer a comprehensive solution to Louisiana’s shocking crime statistics according to WVLA-TV.

One of the Democrats, Gary Chambers of Baton Rouge, a ‘social-justice’ candidate for U.S. Senate posted a response to social media saying Kennedy, “spends more time dropping one liners than actually doing his job.”

Chambers added in a video response with the implication Kennedy’s comments had “racist undertones” according to WVLA-TV, “We need leaders who have real solutions to the problems in our communities.”

However, as anyone will tell you in the writing and rhetoric business its important to cite your work, and Kennedy did. In the ad, text cites several reports to support the urgent need for more police funding and not less.

  • The Wall Street Journal reported: “New Orleans has America’s No. 1 Murder Rate. ‘We’re in a Crisis.’
  • “Shreveport, LA is Among the Most Dangerous US Metro Areas.” From The Bossier Press.
  • “Carjackings almost triple in New Orleans compared to this time last year.” Reported Fox8.
  • “12 shootings on I-10 in New Orleans so far this year.” Wrote WWL-TV.
  • “Violent Crime in Baton Rouge showing no signs of slowing down, criminologist says.” Reported WAFB-TV.

According to Forbes, “New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) is warning the city’s iconic Mardi Gras festivities could be called off next year due to a significant police shortage.”

The Times-Picayune reported that the city of New Orleans budgeted for 1,500 police officers, but its actual deployed force fell below 1,000 in early 2022—a critically low point, unseen in decades.

“If we don’t have adequate police, it could mean that there will be no Mardi Gras. That’s a fact,” Cantrell said at the end of a Thursday community meeting.

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