Press Sec McEnany Gets VERY Vocal About Double Standards…People Should be Allowed to Worship (Video)

When a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany about a double standard regarding churches being mandatorily barred from holding services while protesters have been allowed to pack together by the thousands, McEnany said emphatically that there is an ‘absolute double standard.’

“There are absolutely double standards that we’ve seen,” McEnany said on June 10, 2020. “People should be allowed to worship. We have a First Amendment in this country. There’s a way to safely do it.”

The First Amendment Only Applies to Some According to Dems

She then referred to a task force established by the Justice Department specifically created to analyze civil liberties during coronavirus shutdowns. McEnany also hailed the First Amendment as “a beautiful “thing and said, “people have the right to go church, or mosque, or synagogue.”

In terms of President Trump’s thoughts on the matter, the press secretary said he “absolutely sees an issue” with the embraced double standards. She also points to the incidents where people who stayed in their cars during worship services were harassed by law enforcement officers and condemned for doing so.

President Trump Supports Religious Freedom

President Trump announced a policy in May 2020 that deemed houses of worship as “essential,” and said that they could reopen on Memorial Day weekend.

He threatened that if governors refused to let citizens engage in their constitutional right to assemble, “I will override the governors.”

“The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat governors,” Trump told the press. “I want to get the churches open, and we’re going to take a very strong position on that very soon … including mosques.”

“Churches, to me, they’re so important in terms of the psyche of our country,” he continued. “I think churches are essential.”

“Here we are four weeks later and we haven’t been hearing about rampant outbreaks in places of worship,” McEnany said.

When the topic of the president being against mail-in-voting in the November 2020 presidential election came up, McEnany answered, “I think there’s a safe way to vote if there’s a safe way to protest.”

Dems Attack Churches but Support Protestors

Democrat Governors in places like California, New Jersey and New York have been accepting of tens of thousands of people showing up to riot about George Floyd’s death, but have been insistent on closing down churches and synagogues. Just recently, the states have reopened to 25 percent capacity, Fox News reported.

The DOJ supported a church suing the liberal governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, after police threatened a pastor with jail time or a $2,500 fine when he held a service on Palm Sunday, which broke lockdown orders.

As widespread protests have been carried out over the last three weeks, the severity of the so-called experts’ coronavirus narrative has been questioned. When asked about the possible spike in coronavirus cases due to protests, McEnany responded, “we’re monitoring that.” She also relayed that the Trump Administration was satisfied with the continuous decline in daily new cases each month.

McEnany Reports Plummeting Coronavirus Numbers

According to McEnany, 2020 saw an average of 30,000 daily new cases in the U.S. in April and 25,000 daily new cases in May, while around 20,000 new cases are expected daily in June.

The double standards seen between the reaction to protestors versus the sheer contempt worshippers have been shown is staggering. At least the Trump Administration has taken a stand for religious liberty.

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