This Mystery Billionaire Will Pay You $185K to Live on Private Island…But There’s a Catch

I’m sure many people have the dream of getting away from it all and enjoying some rest and relaxation on an idyllic private island in the Caribbean. Well, that dream can actually become reality for one lucky couple, all thanks to a mystery billionaire who is willing to pay $185,000 for them to spend a year living there.

But there’s a catch – they must take on the full-time job of promoting the exclusive retreat on social media.

According to a listing placed by recruitment agency Fairfax and Kensington, the chosen pair will be expected to document life on this Bond villain-evoking lair in the British Virgin Islands. George Ralph Dunn from the agency said that “This is the ultimate influencer role. The owner wants to emphasize beauty of place. They’d need to capture it with their own stamp on how everything looks and works.”

He went onto note that “He really wants to capture how the island transforms, too, so they’d tell the story from Day 1, with the skeleton of a building site, to hopefully one year on, where the majority of the work is completed.”

In order for applicants to qualify for this incredible opportunity they must have experience in luxury industry such as working on yachts or ultra-high-net-worth households and be social media savvy; not only that but applicants should also be adventurous too.

This unique mix of skills has proven difficult for recruitment agencies as many candidates do not possess both sides needed for this role – which is why couples are being sought after as each partner brings different complementary skill sets into play.

As well as managing facilities and events when guests visit, tasks may include helping create guest lodges and main residence however construction will be executed by property’s existing manager while influencers consult. Once these tasks are complete first wave of guests will arrive at what can only be described as tropical Valhalla. Unfortunately paradise isn’t quite what you might expect; workweeks consist of grueling six days with 25 vacation days annually which can only be spent at other islands nearby (which we presume some would appreciate).

To apply a TikTok video must submitted which will then reviewed by billionaire’s personal video team – but act fast as the recruiter plans to choose a couple before the holidays.

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