Bus Crashes Into Van and Bursts Into Flames, Killing At Least 20

The tragedy that occurred in Pindi Bhattian, Pakistan on Sunday morning has left many people mourning the loss of over twenty lives.

Reports say a bus carrying more than forty passengers to Islamabad struck a van parked on the side of the highway and caught fire.

The flames quickly spread around the vehicle leaving no time for anyone to escape.

Despite emergency services arriving at the scene within minutes, it was too late for those inside as both vehicles had been completely gutted by then.

Early Sunday morning near Pindi Bhattian in eastern Punjab, a horrific accident took place involving a bus and a van parked on the shoulder of a highway.

Fahad Ahmed, senior police officer reported that it seemed like the driver dozed off which caused him to lose control and crash into the stationary van resulting in an explosion that engulfed both vehicles in flames within five minutes.

18 passengers were killed instantly while 11 others were injured and taken to hospital where two subsequently passed away due to their critical injuries.

Imdad Ali who survived this tragic event recounted how all women, children and men were screaming from inside as there was no time to escape before they got consumed by flames.

He managed to jump out through one broken window with help from someone outside whom he did not know but thanked God for saving his life nonetheless.

Despite emergency services arriving at the scene within few minutes Ehsan Zafar, spokesman for motorway police revealed that both vehicles had already been engulfed in flames upon their arrival making it impossible for them do anything besides putting out fire and salvaging whatever remained behind after the destruction brought about by the blazing inferno.

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