‘Clinically Dead’ Woman Revived in Real Life ‘Miracle’

Miracles do happen even today! According to an emergency room doctor, a woman was raised from the dead by the power of prayer.

Kansas’ Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, like all hospitals, has played a major role in many people’s lives whether it was at their beginning or their end. However, Dr. Landon D. Vinson, M.D., a doctor who works in the ER of Coffeyville is not taking responsibility for one life saved within the hospital walls.

In a YouTube video, Vinson gives his testimony to the congregation of the First Assembly of God about the miracle he witnessed. A miracle he was able to share with the church’s pastor, Rev. Randy DePriest.

The good Dr. explains that it was during the spring of 2021, the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when a woman was taken to the emergency room. The woman had been receiving life-saving care before her entrance to the ER and even after her arrival she received over an hour of CPR.

“We did get her heart beating again, but essentially the only thing keeping her heart going were shots of adrenalin in her bloodstream and putting her on a ventilator,” Vinson said. “From a medical standpoint, she wasn’t alive. She was what we call ‘brain dead.'”

The efforts of the medical personnel just weren’t enough to keep the poor woman alive. It was clear to the doctor that woman was dead as her eyes were fixed and dilated; she showed no gag reflex, and her limbs showed signs of mottling, signs of death that precede the onset of rigor mortis.

At this time Dr. Vinson, his staff, and the woman’s husband made the difficult decision to remove her from life support.

The woman’s husband asks if his preacher could come and pray. Dr. Vinson told him “sure. We’ll wait for the pastor to get here.” Out of respect for the husband’s wishes, they would wait to remove her from life support until after the pastor came.

It didn’t take long for DePriest to arrive at the hospital. He was not informed of the woman’s condition. He simply walked in and began to pray.

“We began to pray over her,” the doctor explained in the video. “My head was bowed. There was a nurse in the room. Maybe just a couple minutes into the prayer, a machine began sounding an alarm. I thought I would just turn it off so it would not be distracting. When I looked up, spontaneous breath began coming back. I saw a hand moving on this woman.”

The Doctor continued to explain what he witnessed. He said that he watched as the pastor prayed over her. He even began to ask her questions. To the Doctor’s amazement, the woman started to nod her head in response.

The Doctor continued explaining:

He called her by name, and said, “This is Pastor Randy, and I’ve come to pray for you.” Her eyes opened, and he asked, “Can you hear me okay?” She nodded, “Yes.”

Then DePriest said, “Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior?” Again, she nodded “Yes.” He continued, “That’s great news. Today we’re going to do what scripture says. Where two or three agree, touching anything, and believing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him, it shall be done. So I’m asking God to restore your health and to heal you. Does that sound alright?” Again, her reply was, “Yes.”

“This made no sense to me because she did not have any sign of life,” Dr. Vinson said. He continued, “We had taken her off all medications. We had given her four medications to keep her heart going. Those were all turned off. But now her blood pressure was strong. It was going through the roof.”

She was blinking her eyes. I leaned down and asked, “‘Can you hear me?’ She nodded her head ‘Yes.’ I asked, ‘Do you want us to keep going and fight?’ She aggressively shook her head ‘Yes.'”

“That was the first true miracle that I’ve ever seen. It was a very humbling moment. I kept hearing God saying, ‘That is my child. I decide who lives.'”

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