Paparazzi Sneaks Photos Of Ivanka In A Bikini, They Instantly Go VIRAL

The exploits and adventures of the Trump family and Ivanka in particular have been the stuff that tabloids are made of for decades, long before former President Trump descended the escalator at Trump tower. Now that the first Trumpian era is at a close would you expect the cheap sheets to forget about them? Nope. The paparazzi are back and they have Jared and Ivanka Kushner in their collective sights.

American Web Media reported,

 “Ivanka Trump, 39, and her husband, Jared Kushner, 40, were photographed living a luxurious life in Miami’s Biscayne Bay last Sunday. In the images, Ivanka, who was photographed wearing nothing but a black bikini, dove into the warm water from the back of the yacht where she was spending time with her family, including daughter Arabella and father-in-law Charles Kushner, 66.”

Charles Kushner was pardoned by former President Trump in his latter days in office. A statement from the White House on Kushner’s clemency read that his “record of reform and charity overshadows Mr. Kushner’s conviction and 2 year sentence.” Charles was convicted of “preparing false tax returns, witness retaliation, and making false statements to the Federal Election Commission” in 2005 and sentenced to two years, he served 14 months out of his sentence.

Ivanka and The Trump Family Will Never Be Out Of The Public Eye

Former President Trump’s mark on the presidency and on American history is indisputable, but the mark of the entire Trump family has an even larger footprint. The paparazzi have returned and now that they are “out of the public” eye because Trump is no longer in the White House and the family has been thoroughly ‘cancelled’ there is an audience for a glimpse into the everyday lives of the Trumps.

The American people simply aren’t done with the Trump family, as poll after poll attests Republicans still want a Trump at the helm, and everyday Americans still want to open their newsfeeds and see Ivanka in a skimpy black bikini on a multi-million dollar yacht. As a people we are attracted to wealth, power and fame, the Trumps have all three. We are also attracted to the flippant, the defiant, the free, the Trump family is all three of those too.


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