Woman’s Limbs Turned Black After Returning From Vacation, Now She’s Warning Others

After returning from a fun vacation, one woman began to notice how her hands and feet were aching. Then things took a turn for the worst as her limbs turned black. Doctors were forced to amputate all four of her limbs. Now the reasoning behind her condition is revealed and its terrifying.

It’s not often that a story comes around that can truly shake us to our core, but the story of Jo Rogers is one such example. Jo was a fun-loving woman who enjoyed spending time with her family and beloved dogs, hiking, and appreciating nature.

In addition to these hobbies, she had another dream that would come dangerously close to ending her life; to see a waterfall in Oklahoma.

In June 2017, Jo’s husband Keith took her on an outing to Natural Falls State Park near the Oklahoma-Arkansas border where she could fulfill this dream. Little did they know how much this trip would change their lives forever.

Soon after returning home Jo started feeling sick and thought she might have the flu – it turned out she was right – but not in the way anyone expected. Days later Jo’s condition worsened significantly as headaches morphed into fevers accompanied by intense vomiting and dizziness.

She eventually had no choice but to be taken to the emergency room where doctors ran rounds of tests – including for meningitis and West Nile Virus – only to discover that Jo had been infected by an unnoticed tick bite which caused complications from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF).

Sadly due to lack of treatment within the first five days, gangrene began crawling up her limbs leaving doctors no other option than amputation of both arms above mid-forearm level and both legs below or above the knee level respectively.

Jo made it through this trying time due in part from all the support from family, friends, strangers alike along with their prayers, well wishes and generosity which brought tears of joy during her recovery period.

No words could properly describe what kind of courage it must take for someone like Jo Rogers who has had so much taken away from them yet still manages strength enough each day just get through it all.

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