They Just Realized Trump is the Future of the GOP…Check This Out

The special election for the Congressional seat of late Representative Ron Wright (R-TX) has shown without question that the future of the Republican party will be set by America First MAGA candidates and President Donald Trump. Only with a unified GOP will a reversal of the Biden-Harris regime’s atrocities be realized. The race for the 6th Texas Congressional district was a contentious one with at one point some 23 potential candidates, that was until word came down that the late Rep. Wright’s widow, Susan Wright was the preferred candidate, the rest is history.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote,

“The signal Trump sent to Republican primary voters was that Susan Wright is his candidate, and that was what really helped … provide her with separation from the other Republican candidates,” said Rice University political science professor Mark Jones.

A runoff is on now between two of the Republican candidates, Mrs. Wright and Jake Ellzey. The Democrat candidate Jana Lynne Sanchez lost a tight race with Ellzey of a mere 400 votes. Eleven Republicans, Ten Democrats and a single Libertarian appeared on the ballot, which resulted in no candidate recieving a clear majority and neccessitating a run-off between the top two contenders: Wright and Ellzey with 19.2% and 13.9% of the vote respectively.

Sanchez bemoaned her loss frankly to the press in a Monday statement, “Democrats have come a long way toward competing in Texas but we still have a way to go,” Sanchez said in a Monday morning statement. “Unfortunately, tonight we came up short, and two Republicans will be competing to represent this Congressional district.”

There are Two Facts To Be Realized In The Texas Race

First, the America-First contingent of the Republican party has been established as representing the grassroots majority of the party. Establishment Republicans like Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney who was booed off stage at the Republican Convention in Utah are starting to feel the pain. The MAGA crowd is not dispersing and President Trump from his Mar-A-Lago Winter White House is directing big moves behind the scenes, picking the winners and providing a massive fund-raising and support apparatus to his favored candidates.

Second, establishment Republicans who are fracturing the vote are the utmost threat to the GOP’s success in 2022 and 24′ were it not for an extremely fortunate showing for Ellzey, Democrat Jana Sanchez would be in this runoff and would represent a much more expensive, strategically critical election for Texas Republicans.

Point Blank: The GOP Establishment needs to accept President Trump’s leadership and get in line, otherwise 2022 and the future of the Republic could very well be lost. If the Democrats are successful in enacting HR1 and stacking the Supreme Court, America WILL devolve into a one-party system under the Democrat-Socialists.

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