FBI Arrests Teen Plotting National Terrorist Attack, Ties to Al-Qaeda

On Monday, authorities announced that a 17-year-old in Philadelphia had been arrested after he was found to be actively plotting an attack on a national level with the help of members of the global terrorist group Katibat al Tawhid wal Jihad.

This organization is affiliated with the notorious Al Qaeda organization.

The teenager had access to a large number of firearms and was working on constructing bombs.

The charges that have been brought against this teen include possession of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

According to FBI Special Agent in Charge Jacqueline Maguire, the teen had taken steps towards building improvised explosive devices for multiple locations, “not just in Philadelphia”.

In addition, they found evidence that he had purchased items such as tactical equipment, wiring, chemicals and detonators within the last few weeks which escalated their investigation quickly.

To ensure that this plot did not come to fruition, law enforcement agencies including tactical teams and armored vehicles swarmed the boy’s home in West Philadelphia on Friday evening.

For 72 hours afterwards it caused unease throughout Wynnefield as residents witnessed police patrolling their streets for weeks prior without being given any context or explanation beyond an official statement saying it was part of a “court-authorized law enforcement activity”.

David Hauck – one local resident – expressed his concern at this unexpected display by commenting “the degree of response… they had armored vehicles and so forth. Seems like the FBI was preparing to experience some violent response or something”.

It is clear from this quote alone how tense this situation has become for area residents due to these security measures put into place by federal agents who were hoping to prevent any potential threat from occurring due to this nefarious attempt at creating terror across several cities within America itself.

It is reassuring that no lives were lost during this incident due to swift action taken by both federal agents as well as local law enforcement officers.

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