The Scary Connection Between U.S. Weaponry and Hamas

The Biden administration’s recent foreign policy decisions have created a disaster for the security of the world. In light of the recent $6 billion prisoner swap with Iran, many wonder if funding and or weaponry may have made its way into the hands of terrorists like Hamas.

Joe Biden’s election was hailed as a promise of change and a leap forward from the Trump administration. However, his foreign policy decisions have been anything but progressive or beneficial to the world.

In fact, recent reports suggest that his missteps have enabled terrorist groups like Hamas to access weapons, which is an extremely concerning development for Israel and other countries in the region.

If freeing up $6 billion of Iranian money wasn’t enough to raise alarm bells, then what happened next should be cause for real concern. According to Newsweek, a high-ranking official in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) expressed Israel’s worries about weapons from the U.S. and other Western nations provided to Ukraine ending up in the hands of enemies such as Hamas.

Even more shockingly, these same Israeli commanders reported seeing U.S.-made arms seized in Afghanistan being used by Palestinian groups in Gaza Strip.

In January, NBC reported on another alarming development – weapons left behind during Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan had been found arming militants in Kashmir India. Experts said this was likely “just the start of the weapons global journey”.

It is believed that over 17,500 pieces of detection equipment were left behind when troops withdrew – all with potential to fall into hostile groups like Hezbollah and Hamas’ hands if not kept track off properly.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has suggested tracking serial numbers on any US weapons used by Hamas against Israel – so we can identify where they are coming from i.e., Afghanistan or Ukraine?

She believes this will give us much greater insight into how exactly these terrible events have come about due to Joe Biden’s poor foreign policy decisions and incompetence regarding both nation’s withdrawals – enabling terrorists’ access to powerful weaponry.

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