Man Rapes and Kills Young Girl, Cellmate Gives Him a Gruesome Welcome

After brutally raping and murdering an 8-year-old girl, this demented sicko was sentenced to life in prison. Little did he expect, however, that his cellmate would welcome him with a particularly sinister homecoming surprise.

On May 13th 1997, 8-year old Kirsten Renee Hatfield was abducted from her home in Mid West City, Oklahoma by a man living just two houses away named Anthony Palma. The horrific events that followed would leave an indelible mark on her family and community for years to come.

At first glance, it appeared that Anthony Palma had simply vanished into thin air after abducting young Kristin; however, all hope for justice remained alive thanks to blood extracted from her panties which were found in her backyard. After nearly two decades since her disappearance, DNA tests narrowed down the list of suspects to Palma who was later arrested at the same house he had kidnapped Kristin from.

In 2017 he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by Oklahoma County District Court – granting a sense of justice to the long-suffering family.

Despite his conviction, Palma continued to deny any involvement in Kristin’s rape and murder – refusing even reunite her body with her family. His unwillingness to cooperate meant authorities were never granted access to information as where he had hidden Kirsten’s body – leaving little hope for closure on this devastating chapter in their lives.

Even more tragic is what happened just one year into his life sentence: Anthony Palma was found brutally murdered by his cellmate Raymond Pillado who delivered him with same gruesome fate he had inflicted on Kristin decades before.

Although legal proceedings have been closed on this case there remains no denying that an innocent life has been cruelly taken away forever – yet despite such unfathomable pain and suffering experienced by Kirsten’s family they have expressed nothing but forgiveness and mercy towards Palma leading up his death.

In fact mother Shannon revealed she had been writing letters containing prayers for him and his family urging him come clean up until very end, although sadly all attempts failed resulting in them being left without answers or closure.

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