The End of the AZ Audit is Here, Here is What you Should Know

The hand count of the Arizona 2020 Election Audit has been completed, but in spite of mainstream media reports to the contrary, there is still a lot of work to be done. While a newly disempowered Secretary of State Katie Hobbs rails against the AZ Senate’s efforts to restore public faith in the compromised voting system, audit efforts are moving forward in Georgia and Pennsylvania and the Arizona Audit seems to be moving forward after eight weeks of work and controversy.

According to The Daily Wire, “Officials are expecting a full report on their findings by Labor Day, but things could wrap up as soon as late July.”

“Technology consultants hired by Arizona Senate Republicans to probe the 2020 election have finished counting and photographing nearly 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County,” the Associated Press reported Friday. “A final report of the findings is still weeks to months away, said Ken Bennett, a former Republican secretary of state working on the effort. But the milestone marks an end to the most visible portion of the unprecedented partisan election audit, which saw teams of people recruited by supporters of former President Donald Trump working through dozens of pallets of ballots on the floor of a former basketball arena.”



The Full Story: There’s More Audit Work To Come

Dr. Kelli Ward, Chair of the Arizona Republican Party told OANN’s Natalie Harp that,

“The hand count is complete, the evaluation of the paper ballots is complete. But there is still more auditing going on, of software of hardware and of other parts of our election. And so we can’t get too impatient.


There was some fake news out from some of the journalists well I should say “journalists” in Phoenix over the weekend that said there was going to be a preliminary report today.  Senator Fann our Senate President put that to rest and said she didn’t know where he was getting his fake information, but that there was still work being done and just hold steady, hold the line. The truth is going to come out before we know it.”

“When I talked to Doug Logan, he told me directly that once they finished all four phases of the audit process it should take about four weeks to put together that report. Now we do know that the Democrats, as soon as that is ready to be released, I’m sure they’re going to try to go to court to silence we the people.”

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