Possible Ambush: ATF and Police Injured

Two ATF agents and a Chicago PD officer were shot in what seems a lot like an ambush Wednesday morning. The incident went down in the Morgan Park neighborhood on the South Side. Police Superintendent David Brown relates that a person of interest is being questioned.

Police have targets on them

Initial reports made the shooting seem like just another random drive by until the public learned that the three law enforcement agents were attacked “near the 22nd Chicago Police District headquarters.”

The shooting happened around 5:50 a.m. and soon a tweet went out noting the officers had “been shot during the course of an investigation early this morning.” All three are listed in “stable” condition at nearby Christ Hospital.”

Even though they’re grilling someone now, the investigation continues and they’re still looking for suspects. It turns out that they were doing undercover detective work “and were driving in an unmarked police car when they were shot.”

According to Superintendent Brown, the “car was driving on a ramp near northbound Interstate 57 and 119th Street.” One of the ATF agents was struck in the hand, the other “in the torso area.” One is a man and the other a woman. The cop is taking this one exceptionally personally because he was “grazed on his head.”

They all went to the ER for a checkup but none of the injuries are life threatening. All three have already been released. Both of the ATF agents are described as “senior” agents with the department and the police officer is grizzled veteran as well.

Officials are staying tight lipped about the ongoing investigation. They also aren’t saying a lot about what the three were up to when they got bushwhacked.

No respect for officers

Brown is disgusted that nobody has any respect for police anymore. His “officers are performing their jobs at the highest level,” he declares. They are “risking everything to protect the people of Chicago.”

It takes a special kind of person. “No one would do what these officers do right now. This is a very challenging time to be in law enforcement, but they are rising to the challenge.”

Matt O’Shea, 19th Ward Alderman, wants to know what His Wisdom plans to do about the problem. The Imperial Palace is strangely silent about the lawlessness and anarchy spreading through Democrat controlled cities. Even the Democrats are “afraid to let their kids play outside.”

Police aren’t allowed to actually arrest anyone for crimes. The ones they do bring in are right back out on the street in time for the next regularly scheduled Antifa® brand riot. O’Shea wants to know why “the city is under siege.”

In regards to the ambush attack on the agents, police are “canvassing a large swath of the neighborhood, spanning from the 111th Street ramp to Interstate 57 to 119th Street.”

Going through all the “alleys, backyards and at least one house for the suspect or suspects.” They found a “suspect vehicle” parked on the street. It could be the owner who is being grilled with a blowtorch back at the station but Brown isn’t confirming or denying anything.

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