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The Breonna Taylor Report That the Media Doesn’t Want You to See…Vindicates Police Officers

The Louisville Metro Police Department has released a trove of documents related to the Breonna Taylor case, along with a ballistics report, both of which show that the police have been telling the truth about the raid. The ballistics report shows that officers were correct in stating that Taylor’s boyfriend shot an officer at the start of the altercation. The documents and photos directly contradict the left’s narrative that Taylor was just an innocent woman being wrongly targeted by police. The photos allegedly show that she and her current boyfriend were involved in the sale of drugs and guns.

Ballistics and The Shooting

The newly released ballistics report states that Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, the officer who was shot in the leg at the start of the incident, was shot by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Prior to this announcement, some on the left had been insisting that the officer was shot by friendly fire.

The officers arrived at Taylor’s home to serve a warrant to search the home for drugs and money in relation to Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover. It was originally reported that the officers were executing a ‘no-knock warrant’, but it has since been disproven, though many outlets are still trying to claim this.

The original warrant was a ‘no-knock warrant’, but the orders were changed just before the incident. Police were told to knock on the door and announce themselves. Taylor’s neighbor, and even Walker himself, have admitted that officers knocked on the door for some time, though Walker says he never heard them announce themselves as police.

Reportedly, when no one answered the door, police then began to break the door down. Walker then said he fired one shot, as he allegedly assumed the home was being broken into.

The ballistics report confirmed that Mattingly was hit by a 9mm round which had been fired from Walker’s Glock Luger semiautomatic pistol. The officers on the scene were carrying .40-caliber guns, and fired 32 total rounds during the raid.


“The report says that 32 cartridge casings from 40-caliber guns were found, which match the number of rounds investigators said were fired by three officers — Mattingly, Detective Myles Cosgrove and former Detective Brett Hankison. The Courier Journal previously reported that an abbreviated state police report said ‘due to limited markings of comparative value,’ the 9 mm bullet that hit and exited Mattingly’s thigh was neither ‘identified nor eliminated as having been fired’ from Walker’s gun,” the Courier-Journal stated.

The Courier-Journal also noted, “Melissa Oberg, an Indianapolis firearms examiner, also said the round had to have been fired by Walker.”

Despite claims by many on the left that Sergeant Mattingly had been hit by friendly fire, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has stated that there was “no evidence to support that Sergeant Mattingly was hit by friendly fire from other officers.”

At a press conference on September 23, Cameron stated:

“When officers were unable to get anyone to answer or open the door to apartment four, the decision was made to breach the door. After breaching the door, Sergeant Mattingly was the first and only officer to enter the residence. Sergeant Mattingly identified two individuals standing beside one another at the end of the hall, a male and a female. In his statement, he says that the male was holding a gun, arms extended in a shooting stance. Sergeant Mattingly saw the man’s gun fire, heard a boom, and immediately knew he was shot as a result of feeling heat in his upper thigh.

Kenneth Walker fired the shot that hit Sergeant Mattingly. And there’s no evidence to support that Sergeant Mattingly was hit by friendly fire from other officers. Mr. Walker admitted that he fired one shot and was the first to shoot. In addition to all the testimony, the ballistics report shows that the round that struck Sergeant Mattingly was fired from a nine millimeter handgun. The LMPD officers fired 40 caliber hand guns.

Sergeant Mattingly returned fire down the hallway. Mattingly fired six shots. Almost simultaneously, Detective Cosgrove, also in the doorway, shot 16 times. This all took place in a matter of seconds. In total, six bullets struck Ms. Taylor. Medical evidence obtained by our team indicates that only one shot was fatal. Further medical evidence shows that Ms. Taylor would have died from the fatal shot within a few seconds to two minutes after being struck.”

Not So Innocent

On Wednesday, Louisville police also released 4,470 pages of documents related to the Breonna Taylor shooting, disproving the left’s narrative that Taylor was just an innocent woman being targeted by the police.

The documents included photos of Taylor brandishing guns, along with text messages that indicate her boyfriend Kenneth Walker sold drugs.

In a photo recovered from Walker’s phone, he and Taylor are posing together as he holds a silver and black Glock 9mm, which resembles the gun used by Walker to fire on police during the raid. Walker also shows off a Springfield Saint AR-15.

The caption at the bottom of the photo reads ‘Partners in crime’, with a cartoon of handcuffs.

According to his text messages, Walker said that he bought the Glock from a ‘white boy’ and that he had a bill of sale, but it was not registered to him.

Taylor also sent Walker a text message with an image of herself holding the AR-15 pistol. In a separate message, Taylor asks him for a picture of the AR-15 pistol to show to a ‘white boy’ that she works with, who might be interested in buying it.

Walker told police that he was not involved in the sale of drugs, but admitted that he sometimes used marijuana recreationally. According to the released documents, investigators found ‘numerous conversations about drug trafficking’ when they searched Walker’s phone.

These conversations included:

  • Walker discussing selling pills to Hooters waitresses.
  • Walker sending a picture of marijuana, stating that it was ‘Cali High Grade Premium Cannabis 1LB’.
  • In multiple messages, Walker offered to sell half ounces for $25, or two ‘zips’, slang for ounces, for $260.
  • In a group chat, Walker discussed robbing someone, asking how much ‘bread’ the target had, to which another person replied that it was at least $25,000.

An article by the Daily Mail contains images of some of the text messages released by the police.

According to the documents, the police believed Taylor’s home was the ‘money house’ where her ex-boyfriend Glover ‘housed the dope’. Her name came up in the investigation into Glover in part because she had bailed him out of jail on multiple occasions, and had also bailed out another defendant in a drug case.

This has become another case where activists jumped the gun, claiming the incident to be a racist act by police before any evidence was released. The mainstream media is still not reporting on many of these facts, leaving many on the left still believing the narrative fed to them.

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