Chris Wallace Flips Out, Shows True Colors

One of President Donald Trump’s senior campaign advisors made Chris Wallace completely flip out. It goes to show just how unfair and unbalanced the Fox News network has become. The way one conservative media outlet described it, the video shows the presidential debate moderator as he “has a meltdown and shows his true colors.”

Liberal Chris Wallace shows true colors

On Sunday, Steve Cortes bullied Chris Wallace, the man who filled in for Joe Biden during the Presidential debate, into showing his true colors. Fox News showed just how unbalanced their “moderate” RINO-like personalities are, when Wallace flew the angry red circle with A of anarchy in the middle. All it took to light him up like a Molotov cocktail was to dispute the Covid-19 mask precautions.

Behaving exactly as he did on the debate stage, once Wallace got excited, he couldn’t help flying his freak New World Order colors. “The regulations from the Cleveland Clinic could not have been more clear that everyone in the audience had to wear a mask.” To whiny Wallace the audience meant a whole lot more than the fact that Joe Biden needed Wallace to jump him and defend him. The so-called “neutral” debate moderator sparred with the President of the United States so fiercely that Trump quipped “okay, I’ll debate you too.”


On Sunday, Cortes calmly pointed out, “Chris, we believe that masks are very useful, the president has worn them on many occasions, including visiting the hospital where he is now a patient, [and] when he was visiting as commander-in-chief as a guest to visit soldiers there, he wore a mask. So we believe in masks.” That’s when Wallace started sputtering. Smelling blood in the water, Cortes showed colors of his own. “We also believe in some element of individual choice.” Wallace’s mouth gaped open and closed like a fish before he gasped out, “they weren’t distanced and there were rules, and there was no freedom of choice. They broke the rules.” They were the First Family and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who defiantly chose not to wear masks to the debate. After all, everyone there was tested and they stuck together in a tight group away from everyone else.

Whenever Biden stumbled

About then, President Donald Trump’s campaign manager hit him so hard he saw all the LGBTQ colors. “The way you’re starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night.” He was right too. Wallace had his hot button pushed hard. Cortes doesn’t mind tough questions being thrown out there on the debate stage, noting he welcomes “reasonably tough questions. But what I don’t think is okay is for you to become the effective opposition to the president. Okay?” Wallace had done exactly that, seizing control of the floor whenever Biden stumbled.

Wallace must have been taking notes from Joe Biden that night because on Sunday, once it was apparent he had lost the battle of wits, he looked the camera straight in the lens and bulldozed through his obviously last word on the subject. His true colors oozed out across the airwaves. “Steve, let me simply say the president interrupted me and the vice president 145 times, so I object to saying I harangued the president. I know it’s the talking point.” Like that was the end of it.


Chris Wallace couldn’t help waving the liberal pride colors as he got more and more irritated with Cortes. Wallace thought that he laid down a solid unquestionable law at the beginning of the debate night that everyone would abide by the rules set forth by the chosen experts, he simply could not believe the way anyone could possibly question the infallible wisdom of the Cleveland Clinic.

  1. wallace is just a liberal fruit cake. He tries to act manly and derisively but he has a penchant to look like the South end of a Northern bound Donkey. wallace is a jerk and certainly shows that side of him whenever Trump or Trumps name get’s mentioned. wallace doesn’t deserve to moderate any more debates, now or in 2024 or any time. Wallace is just a pime for the Democrap party.

  2. Chris Wallace was so blatantly, obviously bias he should work for CNN or MSDNC. I feel like the president was disrespected by both moderator and Lyin’ Biden, especially with Biden name calling. He had to argue and interrupt with both to be able to get a word in edgewise.

  3. And Wallace is lying flat out about the First Family and their team. Video shows them all coming into the auditorium all with their masks on and they kept them on throughout the debate. I don’t get why Wallace was even considered after his biased botched up job in 2016 debate.

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