The past few weeks, House Democrats have given the American people a taste of what it would be like if they were given full control of the federal government. They have been introducing radical legislation that shows their real intention of running the country if given a chance. One topic that most Democrats have been unified on is the “Green New Deal,” a series of propositions that would drastically change the United States’ environmental rules. 

Tax, Tax, and More Tax

Taxation is one of the most clear-cut ways both the Democrat and Republican Parties utilize to get their plans accomplished. For the Democrats’ Green New Deal plan, massive taxation is key.

Unlike the House of Representatives, the Senate has barriers that make lawmaking a slower process that needs more than a bare majority vote to pass legislation. However, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is in great support of adopting the “nuclear option,” which would enable bills to move just with a simple majority supported vote. 

The only way for this dangerous agenda to get through would be if the Democrats took the Senate majority. The soonest this could occur would be in 2021 and depends on how well the party does in the November elections. 

The “Green New Deal” pushers want to use the tax code to help them advance their agenda because they know there’s a way to work around the Republican Senate majority obstacle through the use of “budget reconciliation.” Both parties have used this method, whether from Obamacare or Trump tax cuts, but now the Democrats have set their site to exploit it to help advance their “Green New Deal.” 

Sneaky Democrats Won’t Give Up

“Why make 60-vote law when you can accomplish the same goal with a 51-vote tax bill?” The Washington Examiner writes. 

This strategy has been used twice by the left in just the past couple of weeks, which might show just how desperate they are to get the ball rolling on their radical environmental goals. 

“The first is a catch-all “Green New Deal” plan called the “Moving Forward Act,” a kind of “Contract with America” for radical environmentalists. The second was a more conventional highway funding reauthorization pork-barrel bill, but it contained a raft of green tax credits and other tax code atrocities,” the Washington Examiner explains. 

“By way of example, each of these bills contains an extension of the supposedly-phasing out investment tax credit, which provides tax breaks for the purchase of green energy equipment such as solar panels and geothermal converters. They also want to expand the investment tax credit to include energy storage devices. The bills would extend this expanded tax credit to 2025. The investment tax credit began in 2005 as a “temporary” market support to then-emerging green energy providers. It was supposed to wind down by 2015 but was extended all the way to 2021. Last December, Congress decided to keep this phaseout schedule in place, except for certain aspects of windmill energy. By advocating a further extension to 2025, congressional Democrats have made it clear they never want the credit to go away.”

Pelosi Takes Charge of Manipulating Relief Bills

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stunted hard to get the HEROES Act (a cloaked coronavirus related bill that had significant liberal agendas written into it) and shows just how far the left will go to get George Soros plans infiltrated into the United States. 

If it is up to the Democratic Party, radical environmentalism will become America’s new religion and culture. Let’s hope Republicans unify to stop this madness before it gains more momentum. 

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