Fed Up California Man Confronts Shoplifter [VIDEO]

California is turning into an even bigger dumpster fire with each passing day. I have a good friend that has had to live out there for two decades.

He recently told me that he was getting a car to drive to work because the bus was getting too dangerous.

He’s also gone to the point where he really doesn’t like to go grocery shopping unless it is under the right circumstances. You stand too much of a danger getting robbed yourself or being in a store while it is in the middle of getting robbed.

Governor Newsom doesn’t want to do a single thing about the crime in his state. He literally wants to give people free passes to steal as much as they can.

I think it was a year or two ago that he signed a bill into law raising the amount someone can shoplift before it becomes a felony.

So basically the criminals and illegal aliens in the state are using this as a license to steal pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down.

The problem for them is that you have people that are law abiding citizens that are getting pretty sick and tired of seeing stores that they go to often being frequently stolen from.

For example, recently at a Target location in Colma, California an incident unfolded that will damn near restore your faith in humanity.

A video surfaced of a man identified only as ‘Tiger’ confronting a thief that was attempting to steal nearly two thousand dollars worth of merchandise from the store.

Whatever your opinion on their stance with Pride Month and all that other nonsense, no store deserves to be stolen from, and especially not to the amount this thief was attempting to take.

In the video, you can see Tiger going after the guy at great risk to his own person.

Chances are if the guy was stealing that amount of merchandise from the store he would have had no problems pulling a knife on Tiger if the chance had arose.

The thief was later arrested and at the present is facing a good deal of time behind bars for the brazen attempt.


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