Joe Biden Just Made A VERY Sketchy Money Move…

A financial move made by Joe Biden back in December 2022 is currently facing questioning and speculation for the lack of transparency regarding it.

What happened was that Biden obtained a line of credit on his Delaware beach house that totaled $250,000, although we are still unsure why or what the money was needed for.

This development surfaced at the same time as the investigations into his son Hunter’s questionable business activities were ramping up and more concerns were being raised regarding his own classified document controversy.

In February, Fox News reported on a story detailing how Biden signed documentation on December 5 to secure the line of credit on his beach house from M&T Bank.

And while the loan was disclosed publicly for over a month, the White House refused to address any questions from the media regarding the purpose of the loan.

In fact, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to answer a question about the loan, instead pushing the question off to another department within the administration.

This Delaware beach house is the same property that Biden spent over $500,000 in taxpayer money to build a wall around to protect himself from outsiders.

And remember that this house is one of the sites recently searched by the FBI for additional classified documentation.

Concerns regarding the loan came as the House of Representatives have initiated investigations into Hunter’s financial and tax records based on “suspicious activity reports” related to foreign business dealings.

Additionally, Hunter Biden is facing allegations of violating U.S. disclosure laws after failing to register as a foreign government representative.

The Western Journal reported, “With all these questions and investigations swirling around them, Joe and Hunter have earned another dubious honor. In the history of our federal government, they are the first father-and-son duo to be under federal investigations at the same time and for separate violations of federal laws.”



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